06-15-2021 Prophetic Words: Coronation and Higher Exploits

PW- Coronationa and Higher Exploits

At KVI we believe that God speaks prophetically. The Bible says that all shall prophesy!

Joel 2:28 “It will come about after this That I will pour out My Spirit on all mankind; And your sons and daughters will prophesy, Your old men will dream dreams, Your young men will see visions.

Read these 2 prophetic words from our team! Read them and ask God to reveal to you what His heart is about these things and share what you hear God tell you in the comments!

Vern Moseley:

I saw a huge ship that was in New York Harbor that looked sort of like the Titanic. Jesus struck the ship with a bottle of wine and the wine spewed over the entire ship transforming it into a spaceship. I asked the Lord what this means. He said, “ The new wine has transformed the old ship that did exploits mostly in the first Heaven into a new ship that will be brought higher so that the exploits that he needs for NYAPN to do in second Heaven can now take place.

Natalie Mahabir:

The Lord is bring NY and all of us into our Coronation Day. The Lord says, “I’ve gracefully broken you and I’ve brought you to this place in order for you to break the back of your enemy.” The important thing about coronation day is that the king or queen kneels before whoever is conducting the ceremony. The Lord showed me a woman kneeling in front of Jesus and she was breaking the bottle of oil or perfume over His feet. He said that as we do this and as “I’ve gracefully broken NY and as I brought her to a place where she’s in front of me and submitted to me, then I’m raising the veil off of her eyes. I’m cleaning her eyes and I’m renewing distorted vision.” The Lord is saying He’s renewing and bringing forth a new power, that He’s bringing forth a new revival, that He’s bringing forth a new jurisdiction for the state of NY. That the region of NY goes beyond what it was before and He’s giving us our inheritance, and He’s giving us our portion of the Kingdom, and He’s downloading that within us as we submit ourselves to Him. And as we do His will and we perform what He wants us to do, the Lord says, that as we have done He’s honoring us by coronating us to be the Bride of Christ in a new way. And the Lord is saying that over and over, “It’s coronation day, it’s coronation day, it’s coronation day for the state of NY. I hear Him saying, He’s bestowing on us a newness. He’s giving us new ground to rule over, and He’s giving us new territory and new ways to take that territory. It’s coronation day, it’s coronation day! He’s crowning us!

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