06-20-2021 Prophetic Word: Nurturing Fathers


Prophet Shami released this incredible word on Father’s Day about the nurturing fathers!

“God, our Father is a nurturing Father and in this season, He’s resetting fathers to become nurturing just as He is. God revealed yesterday during our gathering, that the enemy caused men to shy/shun nurturing their children (as He the Father is) and that in this season, He’s going to restore that which will take the generation back from the enemies’ grips. He’s causing a shift to come to the understanding of fathers and they will begin to embrace being nurturers.

He’s going to raise up men who can become true fathers and who will father a generation of harvesters; those who will understand their identity and be confident in who God has called them to be. Men who will not seek to fill their identity by conforming to the world’s idea of who they should be. Men who will be strong in being like Father, the nurturer. God is saying that men have a distorted view of their identity because the enemy sought to shift their ideology of being a nurturer to being a provider only. But, God is resetting this and we will see men who are not afraid to raise up and nurture the next generation.”

-Prophet Shami

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