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April 30, 2020 Recreating the Foundation of Our Nation with Chuck Pierce 

[Jody Wood] God honors us when we honor First People.  Tonight we have a special friend with us, Willie Jock who is a Mohawk and part of the Iroquois Confederacy of this nation.  He’s going to officially open this gathering tonight as our First Nations leader.  Willie, we want to hear what God has put on your heart for us tonight.  

[Willie Jock] “Thank you very much.  It’s awesome to be here with you tonight. The word we’re talking about is ‘Recreating the Foundation of This Nation’ and it really does need recreating.  Before there was an America and before there was a Canada, there was Akwasasne.  We, the Mohawk people still live on our sovereign territory.  It has never been seceded to either of these nations.  In our treaty making, we always felt that our word was our bond.  We have solemn treaties that we have never broken.  Governor George Gilmer of Georgia said this about treaty making.  ‘Treaties need not be taken too seriously, because they were merely expedience by which ignorant, intractable, savage people were induced without bloodshed to yield up what civilized people had the right to possess.’  It’s been said by our people that in treaty negotiations that you must speak straight so that your words may go as sunlight into our hearts.  A treaty in the minds of our people is an eternal word.  Events often make it seem expedient to depart from the pledged word, but we are conscious that the first departure creates a logic for the second departure until there is nothing left of the word.  Never in our hearts and minds as First Nations people did we ever harbor such cunning and deceit.  So we have today, set before us, an opportunity as never before, to recreate the foundation of this nation.  ‘The Lord said, Stand at the crossroads and look.  Ask for the ancient paths, and where the best path is.  Walk in it and you will walk in peace.’  But they said, ‘No we will not.’ [Jer 6:16] So today let us harken back to the ancient path of our creator, who made it possible for us to become His children and heirs.  Let us not harden our hearts and turn to our own selfish desires, but look for the ancient pathway and walk in it, and live as our Creator desires.  In His great peace.  Let us recreate this nation, in Jesus Name.  Amen!”

[Jody Wood] “We need to pray in response to this.  Father, tonight, I believe that all of Heaven is recording this response on behalf of New York to our native brother, that they would forgive us for not honoring the treaties we made with the First Nations people, and for us to change the future of New York and even of the foundation stones of this nation, we MUST come into the place of repentance and restoration with our native brothers.  Father I pray that the books of heaven tonight are recording a rejoining, a realigning with First Nations people in this state.  Many prayer journeys have been done across the state and across the nation, but we want to acknowledge tonight, the host nation people, the stewards of the land.  They are the first sons and daughters of the most high, that stewarded this land in this state.  So tonight we honor  them.  We honor them for their faithfulness and their care of this state.  Father we ask that they would come into their rightful place at the seat at the table of leadership of this state, governmentally and spiritually, that we would align in covenant to move this state and this nation forward tonight! In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”

“I want to give a few points of history for all of us……..This is the 231st anniversary of the inauguration of George Washington.  New York was only the capital of this nation for a little over a year (April 1789-July 1790).  There’s something significant about that.  I believe it’s the DNA that God put in this very land, the very state, the “Giver” state, that we would Birth some things that were critical for this nation.  The executive branch for the very first time, functioned out of NYC.  The judicial branch, our governing body for judges was birthed out of NYC.  But one of the most significant things especially in this time and season we’re living in was the Bill of Rights, because the Constitution had not been ratified yet.  When they moved to NYC, part of that condition was that the Bill of Rights would be ratified to give protection of liberties to individual states.  We’re living in a time of this pandemic where our rights are being challenged, that were given to us in the Bill of Rights.  I think that’s significant tonight, that we are regaining the authority over the rights that we have as individuals and as individual states in this nation.  One of the key scriptures for us tonight is Isaiah 46:10, declaring the end from the beginning.  And from the ancient times. Willie talked about the ancient paths, things which have not been done.  There’s some things that we’ve not done right in this state, that we’ve been going back to the past to correct.  God said, ‘My purpose WILL BE established, and I will accomplish all My good pleasure’[Is. 46:10].  Let that be our prayer for New York and the nation tonight, that God will reset the foundation stones of this nation and New York on this time-gate, on this anniversary of the establishment of the birthing of the governmental structure not just of New York, but of the nation.”  

[Chuck Pierce] It’s amazing to think about our nation and there’s no way to really doing that without returning your thought processes to New York.  This becomes key for us as we go into the future of our nation.  It’s a very interesting time.  I believe today was the day for this gathering just as you said.  I believe God ordains our times and our seasons.  I believe He predetermined our times and our place.  So in other words, we all needed to be in New York tonight.  Most of you have your feet there, but some of us also have our heart there.  My call predominantly is a call for the healing of the nations.  Therefore even with that, I end up praying for NY probably as much as I pray for any other place, because all the nations are there.  The United Nations is there.  Therefore NY ends up being the focal for much of the prayer direction of Holy Spirit and I believe if there is one place that is the most critical place of our nation (and not because of the virus) is NY and New York City (NYC).  This becomes very important.  I want to be able to share somethings, then I want you to be able to ask some things because you steward that land there.  The way Willie got us started, I think is very key in the understanding of where we are right now, and where we are going.  

I also want to say that I don’t think the time we’re in is just about a virus.  It seems to be the catalyst used to get us refocused.  We’re going through this and we’re having to get refocused for our future.  One of the words that we started giving at the end of August was that the Lord would have to RESET our future this year.  We were not entering just a new year and a new decade, we were entering a new Era, in which there would be an historical shift to be one of the signets of this new era we we’re entering and we’ll start watching for the historical shirt that was to come.  I believe that even what we’re doing tonight, all of us on this call – we wouldn’t be able to have a gathering like this where we could voice, really, the heart that we feel the Lord expressing through us if this hadn’t happened.  We wouldn’t be where we are now, in the counsel of the Lord that He’s bringing.  So to be with all of you, I love when I get to go there and I love when I get to see each one of you, but for all of us to be in one place at one time, it’s the Upper Room, but where do we go from the Upper Room?  How will we get out of the upper room?  How will we advance now, becomes the real issue in our lives? 

Especially in NY, what is the real issue that God is doing in NY?  I come from a family who had a lot but sinned a lot.  I don’t think we’re ever at a place where restoration and God’s full restorative plan can’t come.  That’s my whole testimony!  I’ve written books on it.  I live it in my own life.  Right now, NY is at the turning point of our nation.  I don’t think you are at a turning point for a state.  You are the turning point of our nation so you have to watch what God is doing very carefully over the next 30 days in NY because I’m looking at NY from a Biblical standpoint as a little different than I’m looking at Texas.  I want to go back and explain that to you and then I’ll give you 3 points that I see become the very critical issue for our nation ahead from a perspective of watching NY!  

Charisma 3 weeks ago asked me to stop, and gave me a week to write a new book.  They said they didn’t know who else really would be able to do it.  But they said they need it done in a week.  It was really interesting to do…….We were able to do this book,  “The Passover Prophecies – How God is Realigning Hearts and Nations in Crisis”, and it will be out on May 12.  Many of you know that I’ve written those other 3 books that will take us through 2026.  This book takes us through the next 7 years.  So we look at it and say why would this season, and we call it The Passover Prophecies, take us into the next 7 years?   What are some of the real issues?

New York becomes a real issue over the course of the next 7 years of history of America, but I think also for the course of history of the world!  So you become a spiritual focus more than you have ever been a worldly focus starting – and I think it started in September and I think it’s going to go for 7 years for you!  

At the end of August the Lord began to speak to us.  We always meet and look at the year ahead.  I’ve always operated off the Hebraic calendar and I’ve always taken our calendar in time and applied it and approached it and overlaid it with the Hebrew calendar.  That’s been going on for me, since He revealed to me the He’s the God of Israel, and told me that if I wanted to see my family restored (when I was 18), that I would enter into an understanding of First Fruits.  That not only would I be restored, but He would heal all the barns of our life!  He’d restore and bring us back into new wine and new revelation.  It’s been a practice that I’ve matured in since I was 18 so that’s been 48 years now. 

When we started doing it at the end of August, all of a sudden, you see that from a Hebrew calendar, we’ve entered the 80 decade [5780].  Eighty is linked with our mouth speaking, with breath, with declaration.  It’s linked with us resetting our future based upon how we speak.  Now that becomes very, very important.  It is linked with how will we have freedom and liberty based upon how we speak.  That was incredible.  As I pursued the number 80 in Hebrew, it has word meaning and sound meaning.  You see that “pesach” – Passover became a key word for the decade ahead – the point where the Lord started speaking to me and said, “this will be a modern day Passover.”  That was the sentence He said.  Then He said to me that there would be a plague-like condition going on at Passover but I was to look deeper into an understanding of Passover because we had entered into a Passover decade.  He was watching to see who would cross over, who would Pass Over and who would keep passing over! So I believe a meeting like this becomes very important. 

In January I went to our staff here, after Cindy Jacobs gave me the word she did, I told the staff I didn’t have it in my heart to go to every nation this year.  I have it in my heart to watch God move and to watch what He does and to focus on this nation this year.  I usually don’t have that.  Dutch Sheet is so called to this nation and he and I have co-labored together over 30 years over this nation, but my call is for the healing of the nations, so I had to regroup and look at some things.  But I felt the call to this nation in a very peculiar way. With that, after looking at that “Pey” word, I kept looking at scripture and I saw that the Lord said that there would be a plague-like condition, I looked at how plague-like conditions operated and it took me to when David numbered the people and made his biggest mistake in his 40 year rule in the kingdom.  It came by him doing a census.  All of a sudden I said – we’re headed into a Census year.  We’re headed into a Passover year and we’re headed into a Census year. 

A plague came because David didn’t do it right.  He really disconnected heaven and earth when he was doing the census.  He was numbering the people and not having the people realign themselves with heaven as God decreed at the time of census.  So I said, Lord if we don’t do this census year right we are in a place where we’ll experience a lot of hardship throughout the nation.  Therefore, I began to really press into the Lord and see some things.  On top of that I knew that Passover always starts an economic shift.  It started an apostolic shift.  It starts a movement like we’ve never been in before.  All of a sudden I said Lord, we’re in a very interesting place.  Then, because I was in China in October-November and I started hearing rumblings of this, China is what God showed me for when He revealed to me the 10 year changes that would come through and into and cause the church to change – ’86-96, ’96-’06, ’06-’16 and ’16-2026.  When China was not on anybody’s radar, God was saying for him to watch China.  Then God showed him every decade what would happen.  

I’ve gone to Bejing and spoken this even in the economic realm there.  I knew that China, starting in 2020, the Lord had told me would have a desire that their economy would rule the world and they would make a great move for economic dominance.  By 2026 if we didn’t start shifting right as a nation, we weren’t going to have to worry about a lot of things because we would be so influenced that the real danger for us is, we’d be such a capitalist ruled nation without freedom, that we would look just like China by 2026.  Our government would be operating just like China by 2026.  Therefore, having 15 grandkids, you have to press in saying, where in the world is this going to take us this year? 

I have to say that I’m very thankful to the Lord that 4 years prior to this, He delivered me from anxiety and pushed me to a new place, because we are in a very very peculiar time.  That’s going to bring us now to New York.  How will the voice of the most populace portion of our nation start speaking in a way that Faith can be heard for the change ahead.  That’s the number 1 thing I’m listening for.  Where is the voice coming, of faith, out of New York.  Then the second thing is – how will the apostolic governments in New York, rise up so that it’s voice I’d brought into the airways of NY and NYC?  It’s become very important for me to intercede for you!  To watch you, to listen to you. I don’t really turn on the TV much, but I’m listening from NY.  Texas has a voice of faith, but Texas isn’t the real issue that God is focused all our eyes on right now- it’s still New York.  What will become of NY?  Where will it go?  What is really happening in NY that becomes the true issue of the next 7 years.  

Therefore I have to say that there’s a call of intercession that is being extended not only to our nation, but I believe world-wide to intercede for New York and NYC specifically.  So that the changes the Lord is trying to bring, break through the atmosphere and can be heard.  Now I want to reemphasize that, because the changes must be HEARD.  They must be heard, and must be represented as the voice coming out of NY.  This becomes very key for us as we proceed now into this next season.  

So what the Lord said to me was at Passover, if we would keep pressing to Passover, it would be a modern day Passover.  Since the first Passover, we haven’t seen Israel ever sequestered in their homes.  This was the first time in modern history that we have any record of.  But God did something else.  He said I’m not going to just sequester Israel, My first people in their home, I’m going to sequester ALL My people in their home and I’m going to watch to see who is passing over.  I’m going to watch nation to nation to see who is passing over.  This was the focus the Lord began to give us in August (2019) over how to start praying and interceding.  He was going to watch all this happen from nation to nation!  

When Italy went under their great attack I sent a word and said you can’t do a march in the streets exalting the holocaust and all the Jews that died in that tragedy, and all that anti-Semitism and can’t celebrate that and expect that you haven’t opened up in your portal there great problems to come in.  Some way or another, I’ve watched Italy start shifting from where they have come in their entire history!!! See we have to watch the historical shifts right now.  So we have to watch that in NY.  So the Lord said I’ll watch those that are crossing over, 40 days and I’ll watch and I’ll start lifting those that are crossing over and I’ll start lifting them and start giving them back their voice in a whole new way.  I’ll watch that happen today on this historical day.  It’s happened to actually see that God is little by little giving freedom.

I started looking though the end of May.  I believe this is how we’re going to press in for NY.  We want to see things totally shifting in a new way in NY by the end of May.  If you remember in history there were times recorded like with Hezekiah, where they did 2 Passovers.  In other words they did Passover, but because the people were having so many problems they did Passover again.  I believe NY is in its second phase of Passover.  Now that’s what I want to say to you.  You are still dealing with the atmospheric structures of that city as well as that state that’s trying to stop you from crossing into the new dimension for your future.  So there’s a real war over you!  There’s a war over the people there, there’s a war over harvest there.  There’s a war over the next move of God there.  So you even being together as a front tonight represents a measure of Victory that says we’re coming together as a front and we’re staying focused until we see things begin to shift, until we hear things begin to shift.  

Now Willie I hope you’re still there.  I want to say this.  What we’ve crossed over into was the new kingdom season for us ahead in history.  It had been developing in the last era and in the last decade and now all of a sudden at Passover, we cross into it.  I remember a word coming to NY saying it would move from being the Empire State into being the Kingdom StateI’m shouting out saying, “New York, how are we going to press in? How are we going to break through? How are we going to see all those spirits that are trying to keep NY from representing kingdom, come into a place of shifting so we hear it?  I believe you’re CALLED to be the greatest kingdom shifting State.  

With that, let me pause and say this –  therefore you’re headed into the greatest political war that our nation has seen.  If you’re going to be a kingdom representative in and really have the greatest voice in this nation, propelling the kingdom forward, you better believe that the enemy is going to say,” I’m going to have to control this voice coming out of NY, I’m going to have to keep it vying for it’s empire role and I must stop any kingdom move that’s there.”  Let me go ahead and say, he couldn’t stop the kingdom move tonight.  This is a representative of it!  He couldn’t stop it.  And here we are, finding a way to decree the kingdom.  

That takes me to one other thing.  I believe one of the things, Willie that has never been dealt with in NY from a national standpoint – I’ve been with you so much in my life and you’ve had such an impact on me, but from a nation standpoint, Alexander Hamilton aligned with the Iroquois Confederacy to help develop our constitution which the Iroquois Confederacy was an apostolic confederacy that had developed here in this land FIRST!  Let’s go beyond looking at it as First Nations, it was the Apostolic Rule that had developed in this land.  Our educated government, those that were forming the government here had enough sense to say, “we must look at the model of that Apostolic confederacy.”  So what they did was include the Iroquois Confederacy in developing our government of a nation, but then when it came time to us Apostolically execute how that development occurred we removed their influence and participation in the execution of this government in this nation.  

Therefore, that was the FIRST Apostolic breach in this nation.  For us to move into a new governmental authority and kingdom authority, that’s going to have to shift some way from a national standpoint on a national platform and I don’t think it’s supposed to be on a Christian platform.  I think some way or another, politically we need to come into agreement that coming out of New York that will be some way publicly discussed and released across America.  When that happens, we’re going to start seeing a kingdom advancement occur out of our entire nation.  We’re going to start seeing the real issues of us defying and to form a government we defied governments.  This is going to become one of the real issues throughout this entire year and what I saw by the spirit was, things will start getting some sort of stability – and I’m watching New York, I’m not watching Texas. Some sort of stability needs to start coming by the end of May.  

Then we need to see it increase in June and July.  But the voice that comes out of there has to some way start to shift by the first of August or you’re going to hear the contending voice of the enemy gain control of an entire nation, coming out of New York! That becomes SO important for us to understand that on a call like this, and a call to the intercessors of America that this is a time where we MUST FOCUS on those that have been given voice in NY and NYC and how they are going to use that voice by August of this year.  That becomes a real issue this year.  That’s why the moment Brian mentioned you all were going to have this call I knew I had to be with them because they are the focus of intercession that I’m carrying for an entire nation right now.  I think that you have to stay at that level in your intercession for us ahead as you pray for a nation.  

Then there comes the people of NY and the economic crisis that’s ahead and the health crisis that’s ahead.  Here’s what I saw – that if we will start shifting this, all of a sudden – our voice will LOOSE miracles.  How is the spirit of God going to come?  

Years ago I studied all the awakenings and revival portals of New York and every aspect of it.  So of course Rochester was to have revival from Buffalo all the way into Albany.  Then if it could get past Albany, it would go all the way into NYC.  One of the things I started looking at was how did you lose strength of the spirit in those moves of God?  What wasn’t included in those moves of God that we need to cry out for?  I think that is a great issue for you as you to cry out. 

One of the things the Lord told me in September was “only a new move of the spirit.”  Because we’ve entered the decade of the breath, only a new move of the spirit can break oppression.  I believe New York has a shot at having a whole new move of the Spirit of God.  But we’ll have to, in some way, reconcile the spiritual realms and the spiritual dimension.  I think sometimes we spend so much time reconciling us, that we never get into the spiritual breaches that occur.  That’s going to be a tremendous issue for NY this year.  

Then comes New York’s influence on world economy and on economic development for the future.  How will the wealth movement, that God has planned through NYC begin to evolve?  How will the supply lines open up?  How will heaven open its riches into NY?

Then finally the last thing I want to say is, how will the new Kingdom alignments occur throughout NY?  How will they come into place.  I’m looking at this right here (this meeting) and I’m saying you already crossed that threshold!! But now, how are you going to keep crossing that threshold every month – or however the Lord tells you – have your focused issue and not lose your momentum and keep pressing until you see Breakthrough after Breakthrough after Breakthrough?!  That’s one of the reasons the Lord told us to do all of the watches as an example – to show how we have to NOT lose momentum.  You HAVE to keep pressing during this time!! 

What I want to do before I get off is to pray for you, because I think you’re carrying the standard of the future of this nation!  It doesn’t mean God won’t fall on other states, but the greatest war for covenant in this nation is over NY and NYC.  There’s where the battle field – just like it was in the Revolutionary War – 2/3 of all the battles were NY center.  I believe our greatest battle right now is centered here in NY. I want to say to all of you that’s listening out there – we’ve got to join and come in and join and hold these peoples’ hands up and pray for them and decree the spirit of revelation on them and decree that they’ll break through and decree that they’re going to advance!  

I am SO encouraged over this call tonight!! You have started aligning NY with the counsel of God and I decree right now –  a Kingdom Movement has begun and everything that we’ve prophesied – a Kingdom Movement has begun across NY that can’t be stopped – Deb and Vince [Aquilino], Karen & Leeman [Adams]- that can’t be stopped, the Bandemers [Brad & Lori] – that can’t be stopped, Willie [Jock] – that can’t be stopped and I decree Jody [Wood], that this is a beginning and we cannot stop.  We say the Body will not be held in the grave and stink in NY!  We say – it’s coming out Ted and Shami [Mahabir].  We thank God for that.  It’s coming out! This is the beginning and all I have to say to you is – DON’T BACK UP!! DO NOT BACK UP!  Burnie and Jessie [Scott], Francine [Mangano], Sandra [Wall] and all of you, everyone of you- Sharon [Carlson]! Do not back up Michele [Galloway]! We’re going to have to keep pressing and just say – we’re going to focus on this – this month and it will be this easy for you.  We’re going to worship and Judah must go first!  That’s that Apostolic/Prophetic team that knows how to use sound, Julianna [Vincenti], and it will go first until we break through, Silas [Titus], until just like Paul and Silas came out of the prison- this prison thing will break and we say we are watching the government in NY realign itself.  I’m not just talking civil government!! I’m talking the very root of this nation – let it realign itself. Let us see WHY we pushed out how we should have aligned in the beginning and we decree that God will realign!  Can He birth a nation in a day? Absolutely!  And I just really loose a new anointing on every one of you as you advance in this season!  I bless you!  I’m with you!  I pray for you!  I’ll come with you every month as we do this and as soon as we can get up there I’ll be come with you! We love you guys!!! 

Jody: Now what we’re going to do here, with all of our regional leaders is take this prophetic word region by region and establish it so we’re not going to lose it.  We’re going to begin by planting it in the land and in the atmosphere and begin to decree – which is the amazing thing about these zoom calls.  We could have all been together on Wall Street in NYC, but not had that ability to –

Chuck interjects: We wouldn’t be able the hear this!  I decree right now that every one of you are processing every word that is said and you’re getting more revelation to it!  We say this thing will build like a locomotive that cannot be stopped in NY in Jesus Name!  I bless each one of you and we’ll be in touch!  

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