Albatross 2

Natalie Mahabir:

The Lord gave me a very important word to share to you all during our Sunday worship service. I believe the Lord revealed to me about the way we are to be in this time. While we were in a deep worship last Sunday, the Lord showed me an image of an albatross. If you do not know what an albatross is, its a sea bird and a very big sea bird. To just give you a bit of a clue, these birds have a wingspan of 11 feet. But anyways, the Lord showed me a picture of an albatross. I asked him, Lord why not the eagle and he answered me saying this is the season of the albatross. We are in a place where we need endurance and a place where there may seem to be no respite, but we need to have endurance and that’s what this bird’s anointing is. The Lord brought me to research a bit about this bird and here are some things that stuck out to me. For one, this bird is found in the middle of the ocean. this means there is no land where this bird is usually found flying. This bird can glide for hours on end and fly about 10,000 miles straight without stopping and that’s the minimum. There is no research found that shows that’s the farthest they can fly without a break. They can cross ocean upon ocean without stopping for rest. They also sleep while they are gliding on the wind. They are no troubled by the winds of the sea or the storms found out there which can be harsh, cold and unforgiving. They sleep on them. The last interesting thing that I found about the albatross was the way that it flies. It tempers the wind around its wings and uses it to glide on the air. They don’t have to flap their wings, they glide on the wind. These birds are found in the midst of storms, gliding on the winds and the tumultuous conditions. They are found in the storm. While an eagle uses the winds of a storm to propel itself above the storm, the albatross uses the winds of a storm to glide through it unfazed and unharmed. While we are able to be unaffected by the storm going on around us, in this season, we are going through the storm and we are using the storm around us to glide. So, the Lord showed me the albatross because of all these things. He is equipping us in a new way. In a very windy, harsh and hard time that we are going through we need to be able to temper the wind around us an let us glide on the wind. We are going through the storm. We are no longer above the storm, we are fully in the storm, but the Lord is saying that I am giving you the endurance to go through it unfazed and unharmed. Just like how an albatross is unaffected and uses the storm to glide, the Lord is imparting that to us. Just like how to albatross can fly over ocean after ocean without having to stop and rest, He is imparting into us that endurance that no matter if there feels like there is no breathing space or respite, we will be able to glide on the winds and glide without care in the world. He will use this time to our advantage, but we need to take that endurance and run with it. There is a lot that we have to do and we have the ability to do it. Let the spirit of the albatross be released to His Kingdom in this season. 

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