Activate Long Island: Unlocking The Wells! Conference Transcript Day 1

Activate LI Day 1 Cover
Ted Mahabir, Shami Mahabir, Natalie Mahabir, Ivan Mahabir, Anne Tate 

Shami Mahabir 11:20 

We’re in a time like never before. I’m gonna say that again. We’re in a time like never before. If you’re like Anna, and you sat in that temple, your time to see the move of God is come. You are coming down walls of religion, for the King has come, and your eyes shall behold Him. 

Natalie Mahabir 21:53 

One of the keywords that I got for Long Island in this time: I was with the Lord, He spoke to me and He said that the land itself is prophesying, that Long Island itself is prophesying, and it is waiting to be accessed, it has the words in its physical appearance, and it is calling for the ones to unlock it to hurry up and unlock it. And one of the things that the Lord told me was that the Long Island Sound is changing. And that means He meant the spiritual sound of Long Island, but also He was saying something about the body of water. And the body of water, The Long Island Sound, is known as an estuary. One of the most, if not the most bountiful ecosystems in nature. It is one that houses many types of organisms and it is vibrant with life. And we just call that blessing forth, We say Long Island, you will be vibrant with life, and we say you are not dead but you are alive. We call you out of the grave. Be alive! For the Lord has given you life! It’s called living fire for a reason. It’s fire that doesn’t burn to kill. It’s fire that burns to give breath, to give new fire in the lips to get a new fire in the belly. Lord, let us have the living fire on Long Island. I just got this. Let Fire Island become a living breathing fire. 

Shami Mahabir 26:17 

I will see victory, victory, victory. On June 26, the Lord had spoken to us to do a worship in the park event. And I’m sharing this with you so you know that God is answering when He asks you to move. And He asked us to do a worship in the park and on June 26, a handful of us went to Eisenhower Park. And we did a worship in the park. But the day before the 

Lord had given me specific instructions on what he wanted me to do,at the 3pm mark. And we did. And the Lord told me ‘Speak and bring down the spirit of drug addiction on the island.’ And we did that, those of you who were with us, you know we did that. Well, I have not been watching the news. My TV is turned off. So I had no way of knowing what was going on. But an email came through my job., and I’m not in the habit of opening mails that doesn’t really matter to me. But somehow this one struck me. Nothing particular. It just said News Channel 12 and I opened it. And in it it said how there was a ruling in the case against drug addiction. So and I researched it. And after June 26, The New York Attorney General won the case, the biggest case against Johnson and Johnson and ruled that opioids must be stopped in New York State. God showed up! And get this, that’s only one. There are many more lawsuits that are coming that will eradicate every other company from supplying New York State with opioids, and then it will follow suit. As Anne always said, New York is the Mother Bridle City, and as New York goes, so will every other city follow suit. As the Lord spoke to Natalie, the Long Island Sound is teeming of life. And we prophesy that life is spiritual life. It’s a spiritual Awakening. It’s a move of the Spirit of God on this Island. And the wells will be reopened. And the move of the spirit of God will take back this generation. we shall see multitudes come to the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. 

Ted Mahabir 39:48 

There’s glory in this place. Hallelujah, you are worshiping I just I just saw angels around, on the wall Just kind of marching around in a circle. And they were saying He is the champion. He’s always been the champion. He’s the undisputed Champion and the King and they were marching around and they were saying He is the champion. Hallelujah. Amen. And we want to commission so folks tonight…So we are honored to have Anne come up and help us to commission, and like the following people to come over please. Mike Livi, Lynn Livi, Marissa Mahabir. Tim Mahabir, Natalie Mahabir, Vern Moseley, and Cheryl Moseley. What we are is Kingdom vision International, and these are our core leaders in the ministry. They help us fight, they hold arms up, they are prayer warriors, they are worshipers, and they’re lives just resonate with the power of God, wherever they go, and on their job, wherever they are in the grocery store. Wherever they are, you’ll notice them without even talking to them because the glory of God just shines. We’re so proud to have them as part of KVI. And we’re so grateful that they’ve chosen to commit and to, hold our arms up so to speak, and pray through and, you know, be our friend and also to all those who know them, they’re nothing but a joy to be around, amen. 

Shami Mahabir 43:56 

We are raising up the next generation. We have, and we’re launching them tonight. Right? Tim and Marissa, and Natalie are this generation harvesters. 

Anne Tate 44:21 

Now when David was commissioned, he was commissioned three different times, at three different points in his life. And the first time he went from a shepherd to being told he was going to be king. And if you’ve ever been given a prophecy that you can’t quite get your head around, that would be the time. And it took a while for David to begin to enter into the changes that it would take for him to ultimately fulfill the call of God on his life. But he took each day one step at a time and he kept moving with the Lord. So when you get commissioned, the Lord is speaking to you that I have a path that I’m putting you on. And you may not know where this is going to end up, but I do. And you’ve been engineered and designed since before you were born in your mother’s womb, to fulfill these things that are designed and engineered you for. And so tonight, we’re acknowledging that each one of you have been called, the hardest thing to put together in a new body is a core group. Because it’s not for the average people. It’s not for people, and all of you are part of this core group here in what you’ve undertaken to do, and what you’re deciding to support, and to align with and to bring forth. And so these are the ones who committed first, and are still committed, and are moving in and there’ll be others that come. There’ll be others that decide, this is the place where I’m supposed to invest my gift, and where my gift is going to be developed, is going to be brought forth, and I’m going to be an asset to the Lord as he develops me in this. And so tonight, we want to give each one of you a tallit. And this tallit has clocks on it. Because one of the things that are so important about being part of the core group is knowing what time it is, what time it is in spirit, and how to move with it. How to stand with the Lord in it. How to hear God in the timing, and to give up the wrong time when you weren’t sure of the time. And to be taught by that and to learn from that. So this is the season, when the Issachar anointing is going to begin to manifest in a new way in your life. And you’re going to begin to know something about the Times and Seasons, about God’s calendar, and how He develops you on time to do the things He wants done. And so Michael, Lynn, Timothy, Marissa, Natalie, and Vern and Cheryl. Thank you so much for your devotion. And for your being willing to stand under a new mantle. Because when you get the mantle, you don’t know what it’s all about. But the Lord pulls you forward in and I know that you’re going to fulfill the call that the Lord has on you, because you’re loved and you’re cared about here, and you’re a vital part of this community. And I thank God for that. And I bless you all in what the Lord is doing to you in this season. 

Ivan Mahabir 48:53 

Father in Jesus name I thank you, Lord, s this setting and this moment have been ordained in heaven. So father is manifesting now in the earth. And Lord, we just know another level, another dimension, another realm has been entered into these lives. Father, we thank you for them. We thank you for sending them here to fulfill your mandate. And Lord they have said yes, so far that we bless them in the name of Jesus. And we say you will come into new anointings, new giftings, new prophecies, new prophetic words and the heavens are opened over you in Jesus name. 

Anne Tate 50:37 

I’m so honored to be here. This has been several years in us trying to bring this about. I met Ted and Shami in Guyana, and I don’t think they know this story, but before I went to Guyana,, I went to Wales and I was taken to the place where the Welsh revival broke out. And lots of really important people have been there, I was the least of those. But when we went in, it was like, this little tiny chapel, tiny chapel page, and it’s so painted and appointed and taken care of that it is in mint condition. And they still have a body that meets there every Sunday. But it’s so tiny. Because that’s how the churches were at that time, it was built before the revival. And so you didn’t need a whole lot of room in the church. But it was like, there were ten thousand angels balanced on the head of a pin when we went in there, and I didn’t know what to expect because they had told me these stories about Cindy Jacobs falling down and prophesying, and all these different things that had had happened to different important people that had been there. And I wasn’t really expecting any of that, cuz I’m not that kind of girl. It’s just different. And so, what happened was, when I sat down in Evan Roberts’ seat, I mean I hopped right back up and the Lord began prophesying. And He said, I’m sending back with you to the United States of America, a Revival Angel. And he’s the Angel who Finishes Things. And I thought Oh My God, what in the world does that mean? So Lisa Lyons was with me, and she came right behind me and she started prophesying again, which I don’t remember to this day, I have asked her and she has told me several times. But she got more about the finishing thing then I did. I mean, I couldn’t get past ‘I’m sending with you a Revival Angel.’ I mean, if you could have one thing in your whole life, don’t you know, that is the thing you want more than anything, more than riches, more than honor, more than anything. That was the thing my heart wanted the most. Well, so that night, Roy and Vanessa, we came back to their house. And so that night, when I went to bed, I said, Lord, I’m gonna give myself over to whatever you want me to do. So I won’t keep my own schedule anymore. And I won’t lobby to do things that I think I want to do. But whatever appointments you got for that angel,let me do those things. And so the next place I went to was Guyana with these two (Ted and Shami). And with Gerhard and Eulalie and with Lisa and John Vincent. And we went to Guyana, and it was the next place I went. And every place I went, you can see that angel working, stirring up things. And so about two years later, I didn’t really know…I didn’t really believe it. When the Lord told me that, I didn’t really believe it. Now, you might be a great man and woman of God, and you would immediately believe that but I didn’t.

And in two years, I was in Lafayette, Louisiana, at an Assembly of God church that was very small. And this Hispanic couple, the woman was from Honduras, and she was an engineer with one of the oil companies. And her husband was an Assembly of God pastor, and his wife left, and she had an affair. And you know, they don’t, even if you didn’t do anything, the Assemblies of God won’t let you minister anymore. And so they got married and had two children. And they came to Lafayette and bought this Assembly of God church. Well, they’d been trying to get me to come for two years, I’m ashamed to say, I didn’t really know it. And so Herardo asked me, we made an appointment, he said ‘will you go, if I go with you, to this place?’ Sure. And so that was the same week we were prophesied to everybody in the world. I mean, literally, we would answer the phone just like this. Prophesy, hang up, pick up. Prophesy, hang up, pick up. Prophesy. We did that for weeks. But this one week, we had done it for the whole week. And it was that Friday, I was going. And so when I got to Louisiana, I hated to leave because I was having people that I was working with doing the phones, getting people on the phones and releasing them prophetically so that they were learning how to prophesy. And we were having amazing, the presence and the glory of God. You know, prophecy is the glory of the Lord. And the glory of the Lord was so strong in that room, you could hardly sit down, much less stand up, and I didn’t want to leave . But I told him I would do this. And so that morning Chuck called me at home and he said, ‘When you came back,’ and I said, ‘Well, I’m thinking, I’m going to ask Bryan to change my ticket.’ But we’d all been so busy that week that I hated to ask Bryan to do something else for me. I said I was gonna call Bryan and ask him if he will change our ticket, and I’ll come back Sunday afternoon, and I’ll leave Herardo there to finish the meeting and to do it on Sunday. And so Chuck said ‘yeah, do that.’ And so when I was there, I could not believe the words the Lord was releasing over this place, the things He was telling them, it was truly like Bethlehem. It was just, it was amazing. And I could not believe what the Lord was saying. So they bought me some gumbo, because it was Louisiana, before I got on the plane to come back so I would have something to eat. And so while I’m trying to eat this gumbo, and she’s trying to talk to me, the Lord says ‘Now an angel who finishes things,’ I thought ‘You wait two years? And now you’re gonna tell me what that means?’ What an angel who finishes things does?’ And He was undisturbed by anything I said and the thoughts I was having. And He just kept speaking to me. He said ‘What happens is, this angel finishes things comes to a place where the body of Christ got stuck and couldn’t move forward from one generation to the next. And he puts his finger on what couldn’t get finished in that season so that it gets finished if you have a heart for Him to finish, he will finish and move you forward. Because every generation, just like the first generation, the first Christian, the first, the 12 disciples, those were designed, just like a football game, every play was designed to make a touchdown. Every play is designed around that. But, when the people don’t know how to hear, don’t know how to move forward, they get stumbled and it’s past their realm of experience and they don’t know how to tune into the Lord or they just get tired, they get weary in the Lord, or they run out of gas, or sister so-and-so has driven ’em’ crazy of what she’s been hearing, and seeing and calling forth, and they just want to play with their grandkids and not worry about it, not be bothered by what the Lord wants to do. But the Lord designed us to be on fire generation after generation, after generation, after generation, after generation, and He brings the fire back when we ask for it. So this woman is telling me,’ you know, we offered, the people who own this building were the Assemblies of God. And it was the first place the Spirit of God touched down in Louisiana. And it was right out of Azusa Street. Because the Assemblies of God was born in Hot Springs, Arkansas. And so they came to Lafayette, Louisiana, which was a drive and started another church. So that was where the Spirit of God came down in Louisiana. And when that happened, they had church, and they had fire. So she said, they got ready and this congregation decided that we’re going to build a new building because they’d outgrown this one. And the Lord sent a prophet, and some doctors came in and wrote a check for a million dollars and said, we want to buy this building, we’re gonna push it down and put up apartments. And this prophet came in and said, don’t sell to him that’s not who I’ve got this for, because I want to do the work right here. Well, if you told me that you were going to do a work right here, I’d be out there digging, because I wouldn’t want to leave where the fire was gonna be. So out of obedience they did not sell. Well, when this couple offered, they went ahead and built their new building. And when this couple offered to buy this building, it was less than what their new building cost or when they had left over, and they didn’t want to sell it to them, they wanted to hold out for a better price. The Lord sent the same prophet back. And He said, This is who I want you to sell the building to. And if you’ll do that, I’ll bless you past what they paid for it, which is exactly what has happened. So I’ve learned that the Lord means what He says and He says what He means and if you’ll stay in alignment with Him, He’ll show you what is to come and what is coming forward. And the woman that’s there, she and her husband, that couple have been so instrumental in these days since Covid started, our hearts were immediately being knit together. But in this time, she has been so instrumental in working with Hispanics in Central and South America, and Cuba, and with Herardo Ortega, who is a Hispanic Apostle. And I knew I was supposed to help them, and I knew we were supposed to work together. And we had been working together this whole year, when we couldn’t have any meetings. We would do zoom meetings. I had released a word about the islands we’re going to shake, that the Lord was getting ready to shake the islands and then Puerto Rico had a bunch of shaking, and then they had another big shaking and they wrote me and said ‘Anne , can you stop this?’ And I said ‘I didn’t start this. I can’t stop anything.’ But they are all making great progress as they’re moving forward and I’m seeing the Lord move.

And so when I went to Guyana, we went up in this 13 seater plane, which we had a great faith, didn’t we? Yes, it had no stewardess, no bathroom. But there were two ways in. You can take this plane or you could take a canoe and with the snakes and stuff, I was ready to get on the plane. I’m from Texas, we have a healthy respect for snakes in cases. But there was a young man up there that had started, I think at that time, he had seven or eight churches. I think right now he’s got 13. And I sent him materials and things like that. But he is out there with most of the nation’s first people. In that part of Guyana, he goes back to Georgetown in the summers. And his wife teaches school in the northern part of the country where we went in Port Kaituma. It was an amazing journey that we had, and we became great friends, and worked together. And they aligned with Glory of Zion, along with others, and were commissioned, and have been working toward the things that the Lord called them to do, along with the rest of their family and you.

So this year, on Memorial Day, when the covid thing started to lift and we began to minister again, I went to this place. Again, it’s a very small place in East Texas where Chuck and Keith and PK were born. And this woman is there. She’s real tiny, real fiery, and she had a school, we ministered in her church once. When we gone to do this thing of an international boundary, that was the river, the Sabine river ran backwards 12 hours. They asked me, they said, ‘Anne, is this storm coming toward us because of what we did with you?’ I said, ‘No, this storm is coming because it’s cleaning out all the occult that was on the Sabine river, and the Lord was intent on clearing that out. I don’t have anything to do with the weather, just worship the Lord, He does what He wants to.’ But anyway, we went in May too, because she had a school. Now bear this in mind, she’s in a little bitty place surrounded by Faith and Word Movement, surrounded by the Masonic, surrounded by Non-Nationalism, Cessationism, and Dispensationalism, every ism you can imagine. And they had her like in a fort. Well, she started, this is so amazing, she started a ministry school. A two year ministry school. Now everybody would not have seen that in exactly that way. But she did and her best friend, bought a nursing home from this Muslim man and it appraised for 1.2 million. And she bought it for $100,000. So she retooled it and filled it up with girls, women who had been sex trafficked. So we went to the graduation ceremony. These people and some of them were as old as I am, some were young, you know it was all different ages. Because you don’t get to do everything you want to when you’re young. So as you get older, you finally come to a place where you can and you want to. And so she had two girls that were part of those that had been sex trafficked that graduated from that school. And they had a young man who had been in prison, and he came back home and he got into this school. And he completed and they all got their diplomas. That night there were 19 of ’em, now think about this, this is like a wide spot in the road. But this is a woman with a vision and a mouth on her that will not quit because she speaks into her territory. And it does not matter what someone else is saying, she speaks what God says about her territory. And she’s just spitting out seeds, when she’s speaking into her territory, this is going to be this way in this territory, and this is going to be this way in this territory. Here’s how God is going to move here. And here’s what He’s saying about us right now. And He’s got a plan to plow up everything that was worthless, and plant nothing but what was good. And he’s got a plan to re-dig the wells here. The wells of destiny that He has determined for this land to begin with, just like HERE. We’ve been through a place that is like the Dark Ages for the church, we’ve been through a period of time where we were so overridden by religion, and so overridden by what someone else said, or what somebody would let us do, that we did not know that we had the ability and the authority to change that, that came right out of our mouth, as we begin to speak and say, ‘Oh, no, that’s not what’s being planted here. That is not what we’re having here. We’re gonna have the Lord move here. And all our kids are not going to hell in a handbasket. They’re not gonna die of drug addiction. They’re gonna come forth and do what God called them to do. They’re gonna speak what God called them to say. They’re gonna manifest their destiny, and I’m not losing my grandchildren, I’m not losing my great grandchildren, they’re gonna be a firm link in the generations as they move forward in this season.’

And so while I was there, we left there, and we went to Isaac Pitre’s Church, which is several hours there, in Texarkana and we saw the same thing there. It was like this little green shoot was coming up out of the lands. And they weren’t gonna be able to kill it. And so, I was trying to tell Chuck what I had seen. I just texted him and then that next week, Lisa Lyons came in my office and said Chuck wants to know if you’ve got his such-and-such Bible. I said, ‘I do not, I never have his stuff,’ but he always looks there first. And so, I went into the office across from mine, you know, we had just gone through changes in the office. And Chuck has a new office, and so they put his overflow in the office across from mine until they could decide where they wanted to put everything. And I went in there and of course, we couldn’t find the Bible, but I turned around and there was this bookcase. And on this bookcase was this. And Gerhard and Eulie had given that to Chuck two years ago. And it came from Herrnhut. Do you know what Herrnhut is? Herrnhut was where the Moravians were and prayed for 120 years, and they were in Germany, and they prayed for 120 years, which probably saved us in the war in World War II, otherwise, we’d be speaking German right now, if they hadn’t prayed. But that was a beam across the longhouse that was used for trading. And it was done in 1736. It was built in 1736. And the Moravians came from there to the shores of the United States of America, there was a seed just like that for us here. And so nearly had a heart attack. I said “That’s my word! That’s my word!” And I didn’t know that Gerhard and Eulie had sent it. I didn’t know where that came from because we have so many prophetic things around there and I could’ve been traveling when they gave it to Chuck. But I nearly lost my mind. So Lisa said, well, let me take it and see if I can find out what the history is or who sculpted that because there’s a number on the back of it. And so when she did, I found out that it was Herrnhut. So I text Chuck. And I said, I have got this thing that you took out of your office and I’ll send you a picture. And I said, I’m gonna have this put in plexiglass so the oil on people’s hands don’t touch it, and keep the contrast of it. Because it’s, it’s valuable, it’s very valuable. I’ve been to Herrnhut. And that is very valuable to me. And Chuck said you went in there and pilfered that out of my office. I said if I wanted to steal it, I could have. And I wouldn’t have told you about it. I saved it from you! Because it needs to be taken care of. So we got a woodworker that’s going to preserve it, and it would go into the plexiglass so everybody’s gonna see it. But to me, it was just a miraculous thing.

And it’s no more miraculous than you are. Because what I see here is a new shoot is coming up in Long Island, and if you won’t let them talk you out of it, and if you won’t let religion keep you back from moving forward, you’re going to manifest what these women with the white hair have been praying for so long to happen here that we’ve been praying for generations for this seed to be equipping. And for people have laid down their lives. And they’ve come here, they’ve prayed, they had words, they’ve been disappointed. They’ve not known how to move forward. And they stopped, they we’re waiting on a remnant to come together that would believe that God can do what He says He can do that. He’s got the authority, and that He gives us the authority to walk in that authority and to call forth the things He wants done. And to unlock kingdom, unlock kingdom and lock up hell in this place. And you’re the ones that is called, you’re the ones He’s chosen. You’re the ones who have what it takes to do that.

And when I went to Kosovo, I could think of a lot of people that should have gone besides me that knew a lot more about doing whatever they were doing there than I did. And I kept thinking ‘Cindy Jacobs should’ve come over here or somebody else should have done this.’ And Janice wrote me back and said ‘But you’re the one He sent. And He must have seen something in you. And so that’s when I started working on what I could do. And it’s like, you build a layer based on what the Lord has spoken to you, and you just stay alive and thriving in the Lord, don’t let your light go out. Don’t let your candle get dim. If you’ll continue doing that, you’ll lay the next righteous layer. And you may not finish it all the way. But someone will be able to come behind you and build the next layer. Just like you, you. All the others that were coming in, that would begin to hear what God is saying.

But we know that the land has many things locked up in it, that the Lord desires to manifest that He wanted to bring forth. There were things written in prayer journals for hundreds of years. Do you know that 420 years before the first white man touched the soil of the United States of America, the Lord prophesied through a Native American that a pale man with blue eyes was coming. And for them to listen, because he had news of The Great Father. So he prophesied through a Native America to other Native Americans, that He was sending what he wanted planted in his land, to the United States of America. Now, we’ve made hundreds of mistakes. But the thing is, we did come and now we’re finally getting in a position to do what He asked us to do. With love and compassion, and spreading His glory instead of our own and bringing forth what He wants out of the land and speaking into hearts what they need to hear so that they can overcome and training without the aid of religious paradigm, so that people can be who they’re called to be, without trying to make a cookie cutter mold, and make people who you want them to be, or what’s convenient for you for them to be instead of who they’re called to be. And listen, the amazing gifts that He has got in His people, because He’s got some amazing, unique gifts in all of us, but if we never get to express them, if no one begins to pull them out, or believe in them or consider, I’m not sure how this gift works. But I mean, Janice, and I’ve had to do this all the time at Glory of Zion because we have so many people come in. And when they first come there, they might not look like they’re gonna look. because of where they’ve come from. They’ve got rejection, they need healing, and got all kinds of things that they’ve been told, they’ve been told to sit down, shut up and pay your tithes and you’re trying to pull them out of that, and pull them into what God has called them into. So that they have joy and rejoicing in the giving of what God designed them to do and designed them to be. And so when that begins to happen, you watch people just blossom. Now I’ve traveled with Chuck a whole lot over the years, and you would go to a little place, and you would see somebody with a flag, and you could just tell the rest of them wished they would sit down and stop that. Because they were out of context. There wasn’t anybody else there. But somebody had put such a vision in them, they knew that the Lord was glorified by doing that. And they’d begin to design flags and they’d come up to Glory of Zion and there they found context, because you’d be hard pressed to find somebody that looked out of place or out of the spirit in what they’re doing. And I believe that’s what the Lord wants to have happen. He wants to see the great panorama of His gifts that He’s given into the body of Christ.

And we drove off a whole generation of kids in the 60s because they didn’t dress right. They didn’t, you know, they didn’t know about church. I remember listening to Meatloaf’s testimony, when I first came into the body of Christ. And he said, I was taking speed reading the Bible. I mean, he didn’t know church. He was just trying to find out how this all worked, and how to move with it.

And so tonight, I want to tell you that I see a green shoot here, and it’s worth the water, it’s worth the blood, sweat and tears that the Lord gave.

We want to have the kind of church that Jesus died for, we want to unlock the kingdom that was in His heart when He began to speak of Kingdom and call forth kingdom, we want the fullness of what He planned, and what was in His heart when all of this started. And for many of us, we found a way to move forward. And bless the Lord for the intercessors because when all else failed, they seemed to stay engaged with what the Lord was wanting you to pray about, and to bring forth. And I remember one of the first things I remember Chuck say is that the intercessors will bring forth the prophetic and the apostolic, and I thought…” Well, how can that be?” But it was true. So it’s not like nothing happened. It’s not like you didn’t do an awesome job because you have, you’ve given birth to the part of the church that Jesus left behind for us to have the building blocks to know how to work in this next season. And we’ve been covered up with religion all around us, many of us weary, are weary of church. I thought, you know, I could be in a bar. I don’t have to do this. When I first got saved, I thought ‘ Why would I come in and do this? My dad was a Methodist minister, and he was a Mason and it was very religious. And when I got born again and spirit- filled, he said, what kind of church are you going to? I said it was non-denominational, that was in that day. And he was very disturbed about me getting filled with spirit. And he said, Well, it’s one of the lesser gifts, because I was speaking in tongues. I said ‘But it’s a gift from God. How lesser can it be?’ And he said, ‘Well, what’s the difference?’ I said, ‘Well the difference is..” of course I didn’t have any wisdom, “.. You go to the grocery store with a dollar and I go with a hundred.” That set him free for a while. But I gained wisdom as time went on. And ultimately, he said to me one day, which he said it to my stepmother. She said, she was very Baptist, she said, “I don’t think women should preach.” I mean my face wheeled around. And I said, “So what do you do when I start preaching?” And she said, “Well, I don’t believe…” and Daddy said ” Hush, you’re talking about things you have no knowledge of, and you cannot deny the fruit.” I could not believe it. If he ever said another kind thing to me that took the cake as far as I was concerned. But we’ve come a long way. We’ve come a long way in one generation, we started out in a terrible place in the church, full of religion, kids in rebellion. Went through the 60s, went through the 70s, went through all of these things. But yet, the Lord can’t move in making His way. And I’m grateful. When I came to church, I was so glad somebody had kept it open until I could get there. Somebody had paid their tithes, and made a place for me to come and be a part. And I am grateful. I’m grateful for everything everybody has done over the years and through the generations. But we’re at a new day, we’re at a new place. And I’m excited for what the Lord is getting ready to do through all of us, for all of us, and with all this. And I’m grateful for that. I’m very glad to be here this week, to be here with y’all today and tomorrow. I’m looking forward to everything that the Lord wants to do, and all that He wants to work with us about. And I appreciate you coming out tonight. And I believe that we’re going to have a good time together. 

Ted Mahabir 1:28:17 

So all that we’ve been praying for has come. And it doesn’t matter where you live in the boros: in Brooklyn, in Long Island, Staten Island, Long Beach, wherever you are, you’re part of this movement. 

Anne Tate 1:28:38 

And there’s getting ready to be a turnaround in all of this. New York was supposed to lead. To be a Mother-Bridle city is not a good thing in 2nd Samuel. So see that when David defeated the Mother-Bridle city that the philistines were never a problem for him after that. Because the Mother-Bridle city was captured, had captured. Well, New York is a Mother-Bridle city for the world that’s captured, just like London is for finances, and like Washington DC is for the military. But there was an honest gift right there by that stronghold that was a corruption of what the Lord wanted New York to be like. And we’re seeing that in spades right now. And it is time for a turn. And the Lord says if you’ll stand with Me, if you’ll continue to call out to Me, I’m gonna make a turn. And it will cause men to purse their lips and whistle and say ” Where in the world did that come from?” But you will know where it came from. It comes from The Lord because you’ve served the Lord, you’ve been faithful, and it’s time for the turn. New York is gonna stand up and be who New York has been called to be, not what the world made it to be, not what men made of it in order for their own personal gain and their own private designs. But this is a season, the Lord says I’m gonna overturn those things and you’re gonna see My glory rise up.

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