Activate Long Island: Unlocking The Wells! Day 2 Conference Transcript

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Fri, 8/6 11:15AM 2:49:01  

Anne Tate, Leeman Adams, Shami Mahabir, Natalie Mahabir, Ted Mahabir, Cheryl Moseley 

Natalie Mahabir 15:24 

The Lord is also saying, Long Island, New York. I declared over you but you also need a dose of love. You need a dose of love. Because you have been rejected. You have been neglected. You have been abused, you have been abandoned. My people that are in this land and the land itself, you need a dose of love. So hear this love song. This is what He’s speaking over us. This is what He’s speaking over Long Island in New York. It’s a dose of love. It is a tender heart song from the Lord God. 

Anne Tate 16:17 

If you will give up being the Big Apple, you’ll become the apple of My eye. 

Shami Mahabir 18:28 

One word, one word from the Lord will cancel 10 years of therapy. He’s a miracle working God. I saw fires burning throughout New York on the grounds of New York. The Lord is igniting a fire In New York like you’ve never seen before. Cheryl, come up. 

Cheryl Moseley 19:05 

We’ve been singing about how God can do anything and He can raise from the dead, and I wanted to tell you about an experience I had a couple of weeks ago. I’m a home health care nurse, and we settled this lady into her home. And I left a home health aid with her she was going to stay with her 24 hours a day. And she was great. She was walking up the stairs, she was doing fine and I drove away from the home. 15 minutes later I got a call from my office that said the home health aide had called the office and said that this lady was unresponsive. And I said, ‘Does that mean she’s not answering questions, because that, that doesn’t sound right. She was fine.’ I said if she’s truly unresponsive, just have her call 911. I’ll turn around and go back, thinking that the squad would get there before me. It took me a whole 15 minutes with the traffic to get there. And the squad still was not there. So I ran upstairs and the lady was indeed unresponsive. No pulse, no respirations, no blood pressure, nothing. We got her on the floor and the aid behind me was just freaking out. Oh my god, oh my god. And I looked at the lady and I said, in Jesus name, you will not die, you will live. I speak life to this body in the name of Jesus. And her arm goes up. She’s been down for, at least by that time, 20 minutes, nothing. And her arm goes like this. A few minutes later, she opened her eyes and I said, “Are you okay? Do you have any pain? She said, “No.” And the squad finally got there, it took them 25 or 30 minutes. And so I’m relaying this to my boss. And they’re like… “Great.. So you left her in a vegetative state? That’s, you know..” I said, “No, no, no, no, no, you didn’t hear the whole story. She opened her eyes, she responded to me. And she was, in fact, so awake, when she left the house that she was arguing with EMTs to leave her in the home. She was fine. She was awake, she was moving around, she was alive! God still moves, He’s still on the throne and moving. That is who we serve. And remember that every time you know, we hear these stories or we sing songs, I think sometimes we just look at the words and they’re just familiar. But this is truly who we serve. As somebody that raised somebody from the dead and can do anything He wants to do. 

Anne Tate 21:48 

I had a son that was on drugs, he’d come to New York City, he graduated from SUNY, at Purchase, and he was very high functioning on heroin. And I didn’t know what was wrong, but I knew something was wrong. And the Lord told me that he was on drugs. And so I did several things. But the most important thing I did was one day the Lord started teaching me about while the weapon is being formed against you in the spirit, that’s where you defeat it, before it comes into the natural. So if we can get a glimpse in the spirit of the weapon that is being formed, you can stop it from coming into the natural. So I was at my sewing machine, we’d moved into a new house and I was making curtains for this big sunroom we had because our bedroom was on the other side of the sunroom. And we were having 100 people over to celebrate moving into this house for a housewarming. And so I was at my sewing machine and I was making these curtains, where you just run a seam at the top and a seam at the bottom, on domestic. I don’t know if anybody knows what domestic is, but you by it by the case you’d buy it by the whole mold. And so while I was sewing, my husband’s niece was there ironing each one after I got through sewing it. And I saw my son in an ambulance, and he was headed to the emergency room, and I knew it didn’t look like he was going to survive. I knew he was in trouble. I came up from a sewing machine and I began to speak into the spirit. And I said “In the name of Jesus, you will not take my son before its time. He is going to live to serve the Lord. He’s going to speak into the nations. He’s going to do everything that the Lord has called him to do. And you are not able to pull him out from under the blood of Jesus, that blood of Jesus is standing against you.” Well, that was in August. And I came to New York after that to to talk to my son and be with him. And he said “Mother, why are you here?” I said “I’m here because I love you and I just want you to know while you’re still at yourself how much I love ya.” And he said “What’s your agenda?” I said “Honey, I don’t have an agenda. You’re just my son and I delight in you. I love you.” He said “That is the scariest thing you have ever said to me.” And I went home. I told him I said your choices are your choices. But you and I are not going to see as much of each other as time goes on because I’ve already put these choices to bed for myself. And you have to choose. I knew yellin’ at him wasn’t gonna change anything. And so three months later, he was in De Queen, Arkansas, and they were having a Blues Festival. And he had come home from New York, for this Blues Festival, and they took him to the hospital in an ambulance, and he was dying. And the first day they were able to revive him. The next day, they could not. And when he raised up on that table, after they had pronounced him dead, the doctors were leaning up against the counters applauding because the Lord had raised him from the dead. And because we prayed before the fact, before the assault came, my son lived. And I had 10 more years with him, to love him. He never turned back into the drugs the rest of his life, and he did exactly what the Lord said he would do. Now, when we’re speaking over New York, “rise up New York,” resurrection life is testified against every assault, every judgment by man, every word that has been spoken over you to say ‘you can’t do it, you can’t make it, You’re not going to be what you’re called to be’ that is a lie from the pit of hell. And we say to New York “Rise up! Resurrection power is going to hit you. This is the place where there have been many saints that have been in New York, and Rochester, all over this state. There have been many saints that have been here and have said, has spoken resurrection life into this place. And they’ve prophesied about the plan of God for New York, for the city and for the rest of New York, and over the five boroughs. We say that there isn’t a devil in hell that could pull this state out of the hand of God. I don’t care what they say. I don’t care how they put it, they are not going to remove you from the hand of the living God. And we say Cuba, rise up out of that grave. Cuba, rise up! 

Natalie Mahabir 31:40 

I hear the Spirit saying that everything that Anne has declared, and everything that Shami has declared, everything that you have all released in your intercession times, it is paid for. And on the deed, the Lord showed me a deed and in golden letters, it said, “Because worthy is the Lamb.” That’s the one statement that has paid for it. Because He made, He paved the way, He bought that way. He paid for that way. He is worthy. Why can we take New York from the enemy’s hands? Why can we do all these things? Why can we see all the miracles? Why can we pull New York up from it’s knees and bring it to where it’s supposed to be? Because worthy is the Lamb! In all sense of the word. Because worthy are You, Lord! 

Ted Mahabir 36:33 

I’m going to share a little bit about what’s going to happen, what we’ve been doing on the island, our vision as Kingdom Vision International, and then we’re going to have a special speaker Leeman is going to come and he’s going to expound some more on some of the things that he’s been involved in it on the island. So there’s a lot of punches being thrown, amen. So we’re part of being in New York State, what God spoke to us concerning New York, is He has his eyes on New York. And you know, I remember, in Jeremiah, when God told Jeremiah before you were born, I knew you. And I knitted you together and I formed you. So He’s saying over New York, before you became, I knew you. And I established you. And I made you and I knitted you together so wonderfully. Do you believe that? God has His eyes on Long Island and New York State. And we started out in Queens, New York. And this was right before the pandemic, we were there for a couple of years. We were there, we were renting a small, five years, and we started out in Queens, and we shifted Queens, you know, when the pandemic happened, then we had to function differently, then we were all virtual at that time, we went on zoom. But you know what happened? When we were in Queens, when they were starting to riot every other borough had fires, had break-ins, had violent riots and protests. Queens was the only county that didn’t have any of that. And when we were there, Queens used to be one of the worst boroughs for crime in New York State. And we were there and we started to declare the word of the Lord over Queens, and Queens went from the bottom to one of the safest neighborhoods to live in. That’s God. So when you start to speak into your borough, don’t you think for one moment you’ve not had an effect. It may look like a giant, and this is the season of slaying the giants. Amen. So and then God spoke again. And then He moved us into Long Island, and He moved us and He said, I need to reopen the Wells. We need to reopen the wells, restore the altar of worship in Long Island. We have some work to do. We have some work to do. Amen. So it’s all part of bringing New York State into alignment of the kingdom. Because New York makes a big sound, right. I think the sound has been handicapped and kidnapped by the enemy for too long. It’s time for that big sound to be for the kingdom. It’s time to make a big sound for the kingdom. So we at Kingdom Vision International have been mandated to do worship in the parks and my wife shared a little bit more about what happened there with the opioids. Now, Johnson and Johnson is a pharmaceutical giant. Right? Now we declare the word of the Lord, I believe this will all my heart, we declared the word of the Lord and that giant came tumbling down. And they are forbidden to sell opioids on Long Island and New York state. Now, if I took Johnson and Johnson to court, guess what, puny little me couldn’t stand a chance. But when the word of the Lord is declared, and we bless the land, and we had communion with the land, and we fed the land, the bread and the wine, we blessed the land. And God says, “Now it’s my turn.” Amen. So the giants are falling, and the giants in our land, and around us, they’re gonna fall.They’re gonna fall. And we’re gonna be like David. He didn’t stand from way back there and say, ‘I hope the stone hits the giant.’ He ran to the giant, he ran to the giants. So this is the season we have to run towards our giant. Amen. So we’ve been doing worship in the parks and declaring the name in the land, pouring milk and honey to make the land sweet, and for it to begin to shift, amen. So when we go to the parks, and we’ve been declaring the word of the Lord, we’ve been meeting here and having praise, declarations, decrees, we’ve been bringing down heaven in Long Island. We’ve been meeting at the house, we’ve been bringing down the kingdom into Long Island. And we’re gonna keep doing it, keep doing it, keep doing it. Until it shifts. Amen. New York State is coming into alignment with the kingdom of God. It’s gonna happen. Heads are gonna roll in government. And this government has to go in Jesus name. This is the term that they’re going to end their reign. It’s time for the kingdom to take its place. And guess what? We’re the facilitators of that. And we have to speak it. Amen. So it’s been settled in heaven. But God says, I want to settle on earth. I got some people here, who’re gonna make it happen. So we gotta bring it down and settle it and establish it in Long Island and in New York. That’s our job. Amen. So that’s just an overview of what we’re doing. We’re just going full speed ahead. Amen. So with that said, I’m going to invite Leeman to come and share a little bit of some of the work he’s been doing on the island, then I will turn Anne loose on you. 

Leeman Adams 43:46 

Thank you. Thank you. So you know, this is such a wonderful place I walked in yesterday, and the environment here, the positive environment, I just, I thought, this is the place. I didn’t tell you before, this is the place and whatever we can do to establish this as being the place, I think we should all do that. So. Anne, thank you for coming. It’s good to see you. It is always good to see you. I’ve got a story about you that I’m gonna tell in just a few minutes. But I want to talk about spiritual warfare. And before I get going, I live in Long Beach, New York. And one night in 2018, I was in the Spirit. I was praying I was worshiping. I was in Spirit. And I made this declaration. It just came out. “Gay parade, you’re not coming to Long Beach.” That was the headquarters for the gay parade in Long Isalnd, it was Long Beach. And I was in the Spirit. I didn’t even know what I was saying, it just came out. “You’re not coming to Long Beach.” And I made these declarations. And I wrote them down. So I wrote them down, and I forgot about it. Well, the parade was scheduled for May of 2019. And I thought, ‘wait a minute, didn’t I make some declarations? How dare it’s coming.’ So I went back and found the declarations. Iread them. I said, ‘Well, maybe they’re not coming next year.’ Right. I made the decorations. Well, this is Wednesday. The parade is coming on Friday. On Thursday, they announced ‘we got contaminated water. The water is so contaminated you can’t drink it. You’re either gonna have to boil the water. Or as a matter of fact, we’re giving out free water. Come to City Hall and get your free water.’ I thought ooh, that’s interesting. The next day, the water is still contaminated. The day after that they canceled the parade. They canceled the parade. The committee for the parade was so upset. They said you have rejected us. And yes, we did reject. We went into heaven. We made declarations. We didn’t do it here, we didn’t do spiritual warfare, we didn’t march to city hall to do spiritual warfare. We didn’t march to city hall and say “No, it can’t come.” We went up into heaven. Because I know I wasn’t the only one. So I’m gonna say we went into heaven and we made some declarations by the righteousness of Jesus Christ. And guess what? They canceled the parade, they said we’re never coming back. Never. Coming. Back. So the spiritual warfare worked. Absolutely. 

So I’ve been asked to talk about spiritual warfare, specifically, at how it pertains to the state of New York and to Long Island. So I want to talk a little bit about how we got the assignment first, because I think alignment is key to whenever you’re doing spiritual work. During a visit to New York in 2008, to New York and New Jersey, Chuck Pierce had a vision he was down in Battery Park, I’m not sure exactly where it was. But God brought Chuck up to heaven and showed him many different things. During this vision Chuck saw the locations of thrones of iniquity that was in the United States. But He also showed him the state of New York, which is what we’re going to focus on today. We’re not going to focus on all of the United States. We’re gonna speak specifically about New York State. He showed Chuck 12 Apostolic centers. Okay. And I’ll tell you one of them was in Long Island. Right in Amityville, right in this, right in this area. There was an Apostolic Center. I won’t talk about the other eleven. There was six glory streams. Okay, one of those glory streams started at Montauk. It came up Long Island, went up the Hudson, and ended up in Buffalo. But there was five more. But the assignment we’ve been working on are the thrones of inequity. There were 10 thrones of iniquity, 10 thrones of inequality in the state of New York. Now, I want to tell you, when Chuck saw this, he put it on a map. Right. And he has said there’s no other state that had 12 Apostolic Centers. There was no other state that had six glory streams. But there was also no other state that had 10 thrones of iniquity. So for all the promise that we have, we also have a battle to get to where we need to be. So this assignment, you know, Chuck had the vision, Chuck documented the vision, then he gave the assignment to address the thrones of iniquity in New York to the 13 Colony Council. This is an organization that is led by John and Sheryl Price and established by Chuck Pierce. I’m gonna spend a lot of time talking about the thrones of iniquity, at least the time that I have, because we haven’t really addressed the glory streams and the Apostolic centers. So this thing is unfolding, right it’s beginning to unfold. 

This assignment is a strategic level warfare. I mean, there’s all types of warfare you could do, but this is to address these throngs of iniquity, in the state of New York, and in Long Island. Okay, and in Long Island, is strategic level warfare. When you do strategic level warfare, it is my opinion that that assignment has to come from God, you just can’t walk down the street, see a principality functioning in your community and say, I’m going to go take it down. It doesn’t really work that way. When you’re functioning at that level, that assignment should come from God. For us. God gave the assignment to Chuck. Chuck gave it to the 13 colony. And I’m a member of that group. So that’s how we got the revelation to go to war. This type of work should never be done by yourself. I love this book by C. Peter Wagner it’s called Confronting the Queen of Heaven. You like that book? I like that book. Peter talks about three levels of warfare.

The ground level, which we’ve all been commissioned to do, which is healing the sick. I love the story a few minutes ago, the nurse, Cheryl, that spoke and raise the dead to life. We’ve all been called to do that. There isn’t a special commissioning. Yeah, I guess it is, when you become a Christian you’ve been commissioned to do this work. healing the sick, raising the dead, casting out demons, we’ve been commissioned by the Lord to do His work. 

The next level of spiritual warfare is occult level of spiritual warfare. That’s when you’re dealing with organized structures, covens witchcraft, secret societies. Oh my goodness, there are too many secret societies. There are too many secret societies. That’s the occult level of spiritual warfare. 

The strategic level is when you bind the strong man. Right? It’s when you’re dealing with principalities and thrones and altars, territorial spirits, powers of darkness in Ephesians 6:19, Paul talks about this. Our war is not with flesh and blood, right? It’s against spiritual wickedness, principalities, powers, those types of things. So that is the three levels of spiritual warfare that Peter Wagner talks about. So what is strategic levels of spiritual warfare? I love the Scripture is what I plant my feet on. It is Jeremiah 1:10: see today I appoint you over nations and kingdoms to uproot and tear down to destroy and to overthrow. That is warfare. That is warfare, to build and to plant butI want you to know that some of us are gifted in tearing down and destroying, you may not be so gifted in building and planting. So it is so good to work with those who know how to build and know how to plant. That’s what this house has become, a place that God is building and the place where God is planting. I may not be the planter but I sure love spiritual warfare. This is my second favorite scripture. It is out of Proverbs 21:22, it is what calls me to war. One who is wise, very important word, can go up against the city of the mighty and pull down stronghold in which they trust. That is strategic level warfare, but what is David talking about? He’s talking about the Patron gods and goddesses that people worshipped within cities, they worshipped them for protection, and they worshipped them for favors. That is what he’s talking about. That is what these thrones of iniquity are. So let’s talk about these thrones of iniquity. We have done nine assignments in the government, from one end of the state to the next. So we’re learning quite a bit. The first one that we did, we, we were learning. And let me add to that we are still learning. When you’re functioning at this level, the best teacher of them all, I know I quoted, C. Peter Wagner, I’ve discussed Chuck, but the best teacher is God Himself. Okay, I’m just going to tell you. He is the best teacher in the form of the Holy Spirit. 

So what are these thrones of iniquity? They’re really thrones of darkness that are territorial. Right? They are designed to keep a region in darkness where you can’t hear, you can’t see the things of God, they’re spiritual governmental control centers. I’ve never seen it that way until recently. It is how darkness governs the land. Okay, we’re talking about thrones of iniquity. We’re not talking about altars, two different things. Okay, we’re not talking about covens. We’re not talking about temples. We’re talking about thrones of iniquity, the seat of demonic rule, power and authority. Think of it like a city hall. Okay, maybe that will give you a visual of how these thrones function, think of your city hall and what it does, how it controls the region, what it supplies to the region, how powerful it is, these thrones are governmental in the spirit. They are communication centers, okay, there are 10 of them in our state, and they are communicating to each other. Okay, so understand what these thrones of iniquity are and the challenge that we have to take them down. So the glory of the Lord can come through. These centers are spiritual entities, they will not be found in the natural. Right? When the Lord gave me an assignment, he told me Leeman, go and deal with the communication centers. I went to Manhattan. I went to CBS I went to CNN. No, no, no, he’s not talking about natural warfare. He’s talking about spiritual warfare. And what I had to come up against, I couldn’t find with brick and mortar. Okay? These are spiritual entities, that’s controlling what’s going on in the land. So we see their influence in society, even though we may not find them in the natural. 

So how do we go about conducting these assignments? We do what is called spiritual mapping. And until I moved to New York, I didn’t understand spiritual mapping. I didn’t understand it, I’ve heard about it. I didn’t know what it was, it’s really collecting historical data with a spiritual eye, you’re processing it spiritually. You’re not processing it as a historian. So when you’re looking at it, and I’m gonna tell you, I will say this, I believe with all my heart, my wife is the best spiritual mapper. She is the best spiritual mapper that I have worked with. God has blessed her with a gift. He has blessed her with the gift. So you do the spiritual mapping with spiritual eyes, you reconcile the data with the Word of God. At some point, the Word of God has gotta come into this thing. I don’t care how much history you look at, I don’t care how gifted you are. It has got to come in through the light of God. If it doesn’t fall in there, then we’ve got some issues, it shouldn’t be part of this project. Understand how these thrones function, network, and communicate. The first few assignments that we did, we didn’t go that far. We recognized who the enemy is and want to deal with the enemy. But we never understood how these thrones function, how they network, and how they communicate. That is part of our assignments. Now we document everything we do. Because at some point, we’ve got to know how this has happened. And in some generation, if they lose what we’re about to gain, they’ll have this as historical data to say, Oh, this is how the enemy came back here. This is how the enemy is communicating. This is how the enemy is keeping the state in darkness. This is how the enemy is advancing. Now we know where to go and get in. The other part of these assignments, we determine what is ruling in the area? What is actually sitting on the throne. Okay, it is a throne of iniquity. There is something sitting on that throne, and it’s not murder, it’s not a principality. It’s not prostitution, that’s not a principality. It’s not drug addiction, that’s not a principality. But there is a principality sitting on that throne that we want to dismount, we have to understand what it is. I think Chuck calls it plunder. We want to plunder what is sitting on that throne. Recognize what activity is supporting these thrones. Submit the assignment and all research to God. And through the process of submission, allow God to develop the strategy and plans. God provides the revelation for war. And I can’t say that enough. Even after we do all this research, it may take us 30 to 60 days. Okay, I’m spending time with God to get the revelation to go to war. You know, you don’t sit down with God and say, you know, God is three o’clock, I got to have this assignment by next week. It don’t work that way! You stay there until you get the revelation of how to go to war. I think the biggest mistake I made was probably 15 years ago, I got my first assignment to deal with a throne. I knew I got it. I knew I heard God. I’ve got this God, and I’m ready to go. I got my rear end kicked. You know why? Because I didn’t submit the project to God. And I did not sit down to gain the strategy in how to go to war. You may get the assignment. But then how do you go to war? How do you bring this thing down? How do you accomplish what He’s asking you to do? I ended up in the hospital. If it wasn’t for a Christian, I’ll tell you what happened to me. I’m sitting in my office, and I lost my ability to breathe. The day after the assignment was completed. I lost, when you take your last breath, there’s nothing else to get. You take your last breath, it’s not like you can pull your breath from somewhere. That’s it. There’s nothing else. I ended up at a guy’s feet who was a Christian. He prayed for me and the breath came back in. He didn’t call the EMTs. I was sweating like a pig within a minute of losing my breath. And I grabbed him from behind. He said ‘What is it?’ I said I can’t breathe. Immediately he prayed for me and the breath came back in. So know when you get these assignments, allow God to build the strategy. The Word of God becomes the foundation for the declarations of war. Okay, I don’t go to war saying ‘Thus say Leeman” I don’t go to war with just prophetic declarations. I go to war with the Word of God. That is the declarations for war. God has already judged it. You’ll find it in Bible. He’s already judged what he’s asking you to come against. You just have to find the words that God has used to already judge it. That is the sword of the Spirit. That’s the sword of the Spirit. That’s what you use against the enemy. It’s already there. I never go into battle without declarations of war from God. 

So I want to wrap this up talking about the glory. Remember, Chuck saw six glory streams in the state of New York. One of them is here in Long Island, starts in Montauk. And when I saw the map, it covers the entire Long Island, from the south shore to the north shore. The whole island was engulfed. Actually, if you go on YouTube, and you can see the video, the presentation that Chuck gave in Buffalo, it was in 2009. During that presentation, that conference he was at in Buffalo, he talks about New York state, he talks about what I’m talking about. But specifically, he talks about the glory streams, and you’ll see a map during this presentation, he only shows three glory streams, there’s actually six. 

How do you define a glory stream? Karen and I happened to be in Tulsa, Oklahoma for the last 90 days. We left May 12th, we came back last Thursday. We lived in a place called the City of Faith. It was 58 to 60 stories tall, the third tallest structure in Oklahoma. We lived on the 58th floor. Every night, every day, we could look out over Tulsa and see the glory of God on the city. The glory of God saturate the community, it saturated the land, it saturated the atmosphere. What I had to understand, because I’ve seen the glory of God on Long Island, but I had to understand that was a different glory stream than what we have here. That was a stream of miracles and healings, and it was the glory of the Holy Spirit. Each glory stream would be different. We have six here, it is the Holy Spirit, it’s the movement of God, it’s the power of God. It is the things of the Spirit. And it is manifested. I mean, it’s tangible. We have to learn how to get in the glory. The glory, we’re not bringing the glory down, the glory is here. We have to learn how to get in the glory. We need to learn how to recognize, I’m sure I’m not the only one seeing that, I think you guys are seeing it too. But do you know what the glory looks like? In Tulsa, it was power. When God interacts with the atmosphere, the atmosphere changes. It doesn’t look, you may look at it one way tonight, and it looks dark. You look at it tomorrow night and it’s lit up with his glory, because His presence is interacting with the atmosphere. That place has the power of healings. Every one of these Apostolic Centers is located in the glory stream. As Chuck saw it, and he identified on the map, every one of these Apostolic Centers is in the glory of God. What happens in the glory of God? Healings happen in the glory of God, miracles happen in the glory of God, people are raised from the dead in the glory of God, His wisdom, His manifold wisdom. I think in the book of Revelation, it talks about the six *seven* Spirits of God. The Holy Spirit is in the glory. So I don’t know that we fully understand it yet. But I can tell you, I rather be in the glory than not. 

So we have these six glory streams, and the real question for us is, how far do we want to go? You can just touch the glory and you may be happy for the rest of your life. You may go ankle deep and say, ‘Wow, that’s deep enough.’ It may cover you and you may want it all. How far do we want to go with the Holy Spirit? How far do we want to go with the glory of God? Is just touching it going to be enough? Not for me. I want it all. I want to go shoulder deep, I want to be submerged, yes, I want to be submerged in the glory. I want to wear the glory. Okay, I want to wear the glory. I want to be like Moses, when he came down. They knew he had changed. The glory was all over him. I know one day, I’m gonna walk in here and say, wait a minute, Ted. You look different. It’s the glory of God on you! I think I truly believe that’s where we’re headed. But you know what? The demons already see the glory on us. They already see the glory on us. But it’s gonna manifest to the point where we’re all going to be able to see the glory. Well, thank you. Well wait, I’ve got a story to tell. Before I wrap up. When God shifted me out of the marketplace into ministry, well He took us to Israel. And then He brought us back and He gave me an assignment. And He told me, He says, You’re not going to know how to do this, but I’m gonna give it to you anyway. Well, the first day, I realized I didn’t know how to do this. I came downstairs and I said, Karen, I think I’m making mistakes. So she says call your intercessors, have you told them what you’re doing? I said, No. So I called the intercessors. The intercessors, you know you’d think they’re gonna tell you something like, we got your back. No! You know what they said? Have you called Anne? Have you called Anne Tate? Call Glory of Zion, speak to Anne, tell her what you’re doing. And when she tells you what to do, tell us. So I did. I called Anne. I said, Anne, this is what I’m doing. I think I’m in trouble. And this is what she said to me. She said, ‘When you’re doing this level of warfare, you’ve got to get above what you’re warring against. You should not be looking at that thing eyeball to eyeball. You need to get above it, and when you get above it, you need to come down on top of it.” And I said, “Wow, I can do that.” I didn’t know how to do that. I didn’t know. But I knew I had the best teacher in the world, which was the Holy Spirit. And I went before the Holy Spirit. And He taught me how to do that. But more than anything, when I called the intercessors, they weren’t even going to develop a prayer plan for me until they knew what Anne was going to say. Right? So I called them up. I said, this is what Anne says. ‘Oh that makes sense. Okay, we’ll pray for you. We’re gonna get one person off the team cuz they can’t do this, we’re gonna add another person on. And we can cover you now.’ So Anne, thank you so much. I’ve never forgotten it. I’ve never stopped doing it. I’ve never stopped doing it. So thank you all very, very much. 

Shami Mahabir 1:13:59 

It’s excellent to be working with Leeman and Karen and NYPN. You have to respect people’s offices. You have to honor it. Because when you honor it, that’s the only time you’re going to receive from the blessing. You’re going to receive something from it. If you are in competition with it. You’re not getting nothing. Okay, so I have a tiny little story similar to Leeman’s about Anne. A couple of years ago when we are in our assignment in Queens, and they wanted a Koinonia fellowship and God called us for an Apostolic Center. And we had been training and teaching and training and teaching, and they we’re not getting it, they did not want it. And we called Anne. And she had such a prophetic word for us. Nah. She said, just keep pushing. And I’m like, well, that’s what we’re doing. Keep going, don’t quit, keep going. That’s what you need. You need someone who has been there, and who is going to reach back and pull you forward. That’s what Anne has been doing for us. She’s been pulling us forward into this assignment, and so much more. But we are so honored to be aligned with Glory of Zion and with Anne Tate. We are so honored that the anointing and the blessing comes upon. Because you honor an anointing, you reap the blessings from that anointing over to Anne. 

Anne Tate 1:16:39 

Thank you so much, Shami. Most days, I wake up and I question if I have anything for anybody. I’m glad that there’s a retrospective brewing. I want to do something before we get started, I want to put a tallid on Ted, and Shami, because they’re in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing. So this isn’t their first commission. This is their second. And so I want you to come forward. I would have done this last night, but I was one tallid short. And so Tim and Marissa, let me use theirs, because I’m gonna mail yours to you. 

Shami Mahabir 1:17:40 

Does that mean we will be youthful again? 

Anne Tate 1:17:42 

Yes you better be because it’s gonna take it. The Lord will extend your years and fill them with blessing and energy so you can do everything that is on His heart for you to do. I was telling Ted yesterday, I came to a place in my life, where I just started praying for destiny. And I was like I woke up one morning and that morning I began, never thought about it before, I didn’t know why I had thought about it then. But it was a pivotal year for me. And I knew that the Lord was asking me to call out for my destiny. And in the calling out for that, I began to hear and see some things about how I was going to move. But I did three 40 day fasts that year, it was amazing events that happened to be in the Lord was preparing me for the transition that I was going to go through with Chuck. And I didn’t even know Chuck at that time, didn’t know who he was, I had a dream about him, had never seen him before, didn’t know who it was. But the Lord got me in place in spite of my lack of knowledge, or lack of understanding. He got me in place. And that’s what he’s doing with y’all. He’s got you in the right place at the right time. And the Lord says that in the season, that you’re taking a step up in the Issachar anointing. And you’re going to know things that you don’t know how you knew ’em. But the Lord is just going to speak to you. And you’re going to know what Israel should do. And you’ll know how Israel is supposed to move. And the Lord says that you’re carrying something here. And that because of what I’m doing in you, you’ll be able to unite the other boroughs as they come in, you’ll be a place of welcoming and a place of an oasis for people to come in. And so it’s so hard to begin to build these Apostolic centers. And the Lord says that as they come in, they’ll be able to be refreshed and it won’t be just you’re patting them on the head, and kicking them in the butt, it will be that you are telling them, here’s the way walk you in it, and you’ll be modeling, so that they’ll have hope. And that now because you made it, they’re gonna make it. And so in this season, I see the Lord, increasing the knowledge of the times and the seasons on you. And just because you know the times and the seasons, it’s going to expose what the enemy is doing in changing times and laws, because you know what the right season and the right time is. And the Lord says, I’m going to bring many up under your wing that will learn to move and function in the state and in other places in the nations. You’ll send other leaders out, you’ll be good at developing leaders, leaders with great quality, and with great anointing to do what they’ve been called to do. Because I’m making you a mother and a father in the spirit. And there’s going to be great youth gathering to you as well, there are going to be kids that come to you because of your kids in the quality of the walk that they’re walking in. And so Lord, we’re thanking you today for Ted and for Shami, and all that you have planted in them for their destiny. And we thank You, Lord, that this is a new season for Long Island. It’s a new season for New York. It’s a new season for this family. And it’s a new season for the family of God. And Lord, I thank you that they’re making their transition in a mighty way, and that newness and favor and mercy is going to pursue them and overtake them, and bring forth all that is in your heart, in the name of Jesus. 

Now I want Tim and Marissa to come up because I have a word for them, too. And last night, I had words, and I couldn’t, because I’m so fatigued, I couldn’t get them all out. But the Lord reminded me. He’s faithful over His word. And so here’s what the Lord told me about y’all that y’all are going to see the nations. You’re going to participate in the nations, not that your parents aren’t. But you are being trained, equipped, and by the Spirit of the Lord, and by your parents, and by what the Lord is doing here, that you’re going to walk in the nations, and you’re going to carry a message of truth and salvation to them. And not just truth and salvation, but you’re going to be able to herald what they can do, you’ll be able to encourage and strengthen them into what they can do. Because their hearts sink, because the religious spirit that has overtaken. We exported that paradigm to the rest of the world, I’ve had to repent at wherever we’ve been for the religious paradigm that we exported in the United States of America what would not work here, and will not work there. And so when we get past that, and allow people to be who they are, and call forth what God wants, instead of what we wanted or, what makes us more comfortable, and the Lord says you’re going to stand for the truth, you’re going to be able to stand and deliver the truth, and you won’t back up, you won’t equivocate and you won’t compromise. And the Lord says that I have put my hand on the two of you. And this is a new season in your life along with this baby. And as you watch this baby grow, you’re going to see your own maturity take place as you move forward in this season. And the Lord says I have many seasons in store for you. And you’re going to make every shift. You’re going to make every change. You’re going to come into every place. The cry of your heart is Lord keep us alive and You, keep us moving in You. And the Lord says I’m answering that prayer, and you are going to do it and the Lord says because there is nothing you won’t give up when I asked you to. So Lord, we just thank you for that word. 

And I’ve already spoken to, yeah, I’ve already spoken to her about several things. And that’s all I can release right now. But the Lord has a great plan for you and all of you here. The Lord is going to accelerate you and bring you into the fullness of your call. And bring the things that your heart has longed to see, you’re going to begin to see as the season unfolds, and it’s things and where you grow hopeless. But as you move into this season, it’s going to be a season of fullness. And you’re going to see things that you’ve longed to see, hear things you’ve longed to hear. And you know, as much progress as we made in the Ayin season, in that 10 years, it’s nothing compared to the progress gonna make in this 10 years of Pey, where we’re going to learn to speak, and you’re going to see flesh coming forth, and operating out of what, immediately, we’re going to see some things that happen immediately. 

*To Dean* The Lord is lifting stress off you right now. So just stand up, put your hands up, Lord, I just thank you. Yes. He said, I didn’t call you to a spirit of stress. I called you to a spirit of joy, and so Lord right now, y’all put your hands on him. And, Lord, we thank you that we’re rolling that stone away, you’re still in the business of rolling away stones. And Lord, I thank you for the dedication for the heart this man has for the job that he does. For all that in entails. And I thank you, Lord, that he has a heart for You. And he moves with you. And the Lord says, I’m looking at you, as my brother. I am looking at you as My brother. And He said, I love you. I’m going to keep you and I’ve got a better way. And as you move in this season, He’s going to roll one thing after the other off you because He’s gonna show you how great He is. How great is our God, He is greater than any stone that can harm you or coming against you. We roll that off now, in the name of Jesus, Lord, and I asked you for the joy. And the Lord says, you’re going to say I wouldn’t take nothing for my journey, now. Lord, I asked you for the peace of God, that passes all understanding, great billows of peace to begin to rise up within him, just peace like a river, Lord, the shalom peace of God, to begin to rise up and move over him. Lord, I thank You that Your glory and Your peace is overtaking him today, in the name of Jesus.

I tell you, I used to have stress so bad. They would say Anne, you’re stressed, and I’d say No, I’m not. And it was stress speaking. But I had to, I had to give all that up. And I’m glad. I loved what Leeman said about as he’s working out these thrones and dealing with it. I get excited when the Lord says, Look at that devil over there or I’m getting ready to send you over there to do something. I get excited. Because I’m Scott. And if they’re isn’t a fight, we’ll start one. So the Lord made me a warrior to begin with, and then He gave me wisdom, which was a great thing. Because I didn’t have a lot of wisdom in the beginning. 

And when I heard Chuck say, we need to put on a mantle of plunder in this season, I tended to look at that like a pirate would look at that. That was my go to place. But that is not what the Lord is talking about. The Lord is saying, I want you to plunder as I would plunder. And so in the last several days I’ve been thinking about this. I’ve been thinking about, because of Cuba and my connection in working with that and in praying concerning now, that it is time for us to plunder the communists. There is such a manifestation of them roping in every man, woman and child. And, the greatest plunder they have is people. Now that is consistent with every structure that the enemy has built, ends up with us captured. That’s the end game. It just depends on what century you live in, and what’s active in that century. And we know from the native mounds that they started out with sun worship. And then every other structure was built into those mounds. The next structure would come and build on top of it. Now we have native mounds all across the United States, there are six sets in Georgia. And we’ve worked with several of those mounds, we don’t know yet all that we’re doing there yet. Or how to move with all of it. But we’re working with those things because it keeps people bound. And they start out with sun worship, which is the gods of Egypt, of course, and the Phoenicians were here in the United States for 1000 years. They went up and down every river, they plundered, they took resources and took them back to Egypt. But it did not, and other parts of the world. The Phoenicians gave birth to the Vikings. And so there is just, they don’t report that, they don’t talk about that much. Because it doesn’t align with our rhetoric about the ‘in 1492, when Columbus sailed the ocean blue.’ Well, when Columbus landed in the United States of America on the shores, which he eventually made it to here, he went to Cuba first. But when he eventually, or Jamaica, when he eventually landed here, there were 57.1 million people living in the United States of America. And it may interest you to know that under the Washington Monument in Washington, DC, is an Inca structure, which they discovered when they were building the Washington Monument. And so those of us who’ve been there and prayed there, you know, they started it in one place. And then they moved it over to another place. And that was when I had found this Inca of structure underneath it, and so they moved it until it was balanced on it. And so in the mounds, they start out with the sun worship, and then they end up with all these other different worships, and then on top of it’s masonic. It’s all on the same spot, yes, all on the same spot. And so we’ve been to the cahokia mounds, we’ve been to all these different mounds, with the Native Americans as they’ve shown, and we’ve looked at all these things. But we’re like Leeman, we’re looking at ‘Okay, Lord, how, how do we work with this? What do you want us to do? How do we move with it?’ But we do know that there are some things that we can always do. And one thing is we can always build an altar. Because those mounds are built on one altar after the other. And that’s where they worshipped their gods and goddesses and their idols. And so when you build an altar, you cannot, it says that’s the reason in the template it said, ‘every nine o’clock every morning, that we’re going to sacrifice the lamb’ because that altar has to be tended every day. Same thing for us, whether it’s my personal altar or the altar corporately, but whatever is worshipped in a territory, that’s the throne that’s over it. And so the thrones that are over a territory are sometimes they’re so strong in the second heaven, nobody can work through to the third Heaven. And so, as we’re working with those things, we know that the altar is very important, it’s the first thing. The second thing is worship. And how we worship in a territory determines the atmosphere. And the third thing is we war with the prophetic words. It’s like in First Timothy 1:20, it says, Timothy, war with the words, the prophetic words that have been spoken over you. Same things true in a territory, you war with the words that have been spoken over the territory. And when you start wondering why that word can’t come forth, then you’re asking the right questions. And the Lord begins to open your understanding and show you how to move in it. But Chuck has said some things that are very important about this season and time, and one of them is that we have to wear a mantle of plunder. And so I began to pull all the scriptures about that. And I was looking at it, I’m not going to teach on it. But I pulled all those words out. And then Cuba came up. And when that started, the Lord began to say some things to me. And there is nothing like the Lord just sovereignly speaking to you and decoding things for you. And you know it’s nothing you did, He just begins to speak to. And in the 40s, there was not another altar to communism in the Western Hemisphere. And in 1951, they had completed that altar in Cuba. And when I was in, I did all of those things with Dutch from the time of the election, all the way through January, I mean Chuck sent me to every one of those places that Dutch went to and took a team to. 

So when we got to Atlanta, we were at Jacquie Tyre’s church, her apostolic Center in Atlanta. And so we were sitting in the room talking about, ‘here’s why I’m here, and here’s why everybody else is here.’ And I think there were 21 of us there or 23 that night, I can’t remember exactly, but there was a bunch. And Jacquie said, Well, this morning, when I woke up, the Lord reminded me that Kamala Harris’s name was from the goddess kali. And those of you in New York will remember that that was on the Empire State Building. They had a depiction of that God on the Empire State Building, I think in green maybe, I remember it. But Jacquie was not aware of that, but Jody and I had talked about it. And so then Betty Love who was across the table, said yes, and she went to Africa, and got another anointing from Africa. And I said, I mean, the Lord spoke to me, and I thought, ‘Oh, my god, they’re building an altar.’ And so what the Lord was saying to me was, I knew something about the altar that had been built in Cuba, because we have a close associate there that is Cuban, and he has 600 house churches. And in March before we started doing the Minerva thing, our emails passed and the pastors of that island, and then they had 215 or 25,000 Christians, and they were going to pray every Friday night in March from 10 till three in that, in that nation. And so we started planning this Minerva initiative, with Jody and others for March the 19th, because that was the days that you celebrate Minerva, the 19th to like the 23rd. And so on the 19th is when we did it. So they were, we were talking back and forth, we were working together on this thing and getting more information than we even thought we needed. I mean, we, it just started coming out of the woodwork. I didn’t do anything to make that happen. But people would call me up and say, Well, you know, Minerva, is the second largest Minerva in the world is in Havana, Cuba, in the capitol building. And underneath her statue, we learn later on the floor, which is the basement under that, they have a baphomet and they have a luciferian sculpt. And they have bloodstains on them, because they’d been dedicating. Well, this apostle had told me how they dedicated the altar that’s up in the mountains, where Castro was, and the way I dedicated that altar is the had what they call shimaria, which are raised, they know that they’re going to be sacrificed at an altar to establish it for the enemy. And they agreed with their future and their destiny. And on the floor of that cave, they’ve got them outlined where they died, and in Cuba were they died, like you would if you taped the position of a body at a crime scene. And so they’ve dedicated those altars with blood, the Pope came and dedicated it. So don’t have any delusions about that. The Pope came to Cuba, and dedicated that altar, and Castro went to Africa, to pick up an anointing in Africa. And it was like the Tower of Babel, where they’re pulling all the occult forces together to maintain this thing that they’re getting ready to do in Cuba. And the reason they did that in Cuba was to take the United States. And it was like Cuba had her legs spread to the United States of America. And so that is the place we find ourselves in today. And that is why we’re praying for Cuba. And so the Lord told me that if we would, if Cuba got free, the rest of us would get free, that Central and South America would get free, that Spain would get free, that the United States would get free. If we pray for Cuba, to come into their righteous place, and pray with them, as they’re searching for their freedom. And I want them to have their freedom. There are some amazing Christians there who are under horrific circumstances; no food, no medicine, no internet right now, no phones, because they cut all that off. And it’s within the power of our government to do something, but we’re not going to. And sometimes, you have to know, the Lord says, I don’t need the United States of America. You need Me, and I’ll overcome everything you’re facing. And so that is what we’re praying, we’ve forgotten that in the United States, that we are not the answer to every prayer. We are not Crusader Rabbit. We are living at the pleasure and into the direction of the Lord God Almighty. But it also shows us a picture of what the United States of America has aligned herself with, and what a whore of Babylon she has become in the aligning of that. Excuse My French. But I’m telling you, we are past the place of playing with this. Do you hear me? We are past the place. And I asked this group that I’m praying with, I said, Are we going to wait until Russia and Cuba and Venezuela come right up the Gulf of Mexico, up the Mississippi River as Chuck has prophesied? Are we gonna wait until then before we stand up and begin to decree: ‘You’re not coming in and taking my land. I’m not going to be a communist, I will die before I will let that happen. I am going to move by the Spirit of God and by the power of God and nothing else. I’m going to have what God says I can have. I’m going to do what He asked me to do. And I’m going to lay my life down if it’s necessary for Him to have His way, and I don’t care what it costs me and I don’t care when it costs you.’ Because it cost Him everything for us to live the blessed life that we’re living where we are. And I thank God for it. And so we have to plunder, our enemies are our bread. And I am prepared to eat ’em on down. Because I am not going to be captured by that. I’m not going to be captured by that. The Lord redeem me from that, He saved me from that, He set me free from that, He helped me to put off bondages that would have failed a lesser man or woman, but I am not a lesser woman, I’m going to move in the power of the living God, because that is what He wants. And I just have to do what it takes until I fit what He wants me to be. And so when we said ‘Cuba, up out of that grave,’ it is no different than us speaking to the valley of dry bones. It’s what comes out of our mouth that saves us. It’s what comes out of our mouth that impregnates the land. It’s what comes out of our mouth that changes the course of history. It’s what comes out of our mouth that changes what is happening in the nations. It’s what comes out of our mouth that says ‘This is who we are. Deal with it!’ And you can kill me if you can, but you better be sure I’m dead, because if I come up, it’ll be too bad for you. I used to tell my brothers, I had two brothers, one older, one younger, and they would say, “I’m gonna hit you.” And I said “You better bring your lunch.” And I was bolder than they were. I think the whole thing I didn’t read all the time they did. 

But if you, It’s like the Lord was saying, if you’ll give up being the apple, the Big Apple, all the pride, and I can tell you about pride, because in Texas, honey, we have got some pride. And it’s like the Lord told us in Texas, if you’ll give up being the Lone Star, I’ll make of you the star of David. And we have, I mean, this is a season of choices. Chuck has said we have to make choices. And so I’m choosing, I’m making choices every day. I’m trying to remake choices where I had made bad choices about what I would put up with and what I wouldn’t put up with and what I would do and what I wouldn’t do because frequently the Lord asked me to do what I said I wouldn’t do. So I just quit saying because if He asked me to I will. But He’s saying if you’ll give up your identity that was formed to impress men, or formed out of something other than My Spirit, I will uncover your real identity in you. 

And New York has an identity and a call to be, we were talking about this last night about being a Mother-Bridle City. Now, whenever Chuck teaches, whenever he’s taught on this, people will be texting me: ‘Is he talking about a bride?’ No, he’s not talking about a bride. He’s talking a bridle, like a bridle on a horse. And he’s said that the Mother-Bridle City is the one that holds the reins and controls the mouth and controls the direction, and the strength, and the power of the horse. He’s got the horse harnessed for his purposes. If you’ll think about London, take London for example, where they control the finances of the world. Think about Rome as another Bridle city and controls how much of the earth spiritually by the god mithras instead of by the living God. Now I’m not saying that all Catholics are not saved. I am not saying that. Hear my heart. I’m saying that if you’re under that structure, you’re confined, because all of that structure is not based on God, any more than the Assemblies of God, Presbyterian Church, the Methodist Church. If you’ve got Masons in the pulpit, you’re not going to put in garbage and get out anything but garbage. And that is what happens when those things are in those places. This is a day, that we have to come to the reality of how these things really are so that we can begin to see the truth. Because the scripture that we got over and over and over again, during the 515, when we started back that far, in 2015, 2014-15, when we were doing the 515, watches, the scripture that we got over and over again was truth has fallen in the streets. And so now, when you see that, now, you can do something about that. Until you see it, you can’t. And so the Lord, in the 10 years of the seer gift, the Lord began to open our eyes to see what condition our condition was in. And as we’ve been able to see that, we’re now, I think we’ll all agree, all the intercessors that are in here, I think you’ll all agree that we are seeing more things in intercession then we saw in the whole 50 years before. That we’ve got, we’re seeing there things that override, we’re seeing new ways to go after something and have it shift and to bring it forth. You couldn’t have had an Apostolic Center even 20 years ago. I don’t care how forward thinking you were. You always saw it in context of what’s the paradigm. The Faith and Word movement, can be Assembly of God that wanted to redig the Methodist wells, which I think they used all that up. Speaking as a Methodist. My dad said ‘Well, the Methodist church has been good to you.’ And I said ‘Yup, two more weeks and I’d have been dead.’ Because I couldn’t find Jesus in the structure. I couldn’t, I didn’t know that you could perceive the presence of God. And you could feel Him and that He would speak to you. All that all that missed me, and I’m not the only one they missed. I’m gonna tell you, in that whole structure. So we have to have, I mean, no wonder our kids were going to hell in a handbasket because they had no encounter with the living God. And we have to have it, I need it, you need it, our kids need it. They need to hear what God is saying about them. And the world is prophesying 24/7 over our kids. They’re telling them all: this is how you should act, this is where you should be, this is what you can do, this is what’s not cool. And now right now that’s being managed and spoken forth by the enemy. 

Well, I’m gonna tell you, he’ll have to run to catch up with my mouth. He will have to run to catch up with my mouth, because I’ve been keeping my mouth open and I’m speaking what God is saying. Because I want to get my seeds in the ground and get ’em up. I want to get them planted and get ’em up. Because words of life are what is going to change this nation. And we have the words of life! You know, we’re speaking, we’re blowing over the dry bones right now. We’re blowing over the dry bones right now, as they stand up, let flesh come on you. Get up. You’re not dead. Rise up out of that grave. Get up. We’ve got things to do. We don’t have time for you to die. It’s not your time to die. It’s not time ’til we get through. I told my husband, he had a heart attack, or tried to, he didn’t actually have one. They took him to the hospital. And I leaned over him and I said, “Listen, I’m not nearly through with you, you are not having a heart attack, do you hear me?” And they put in a stent and he was fine, I mean that’s the truth. But, when the Lord took him, He took him, and I was at peace because I knew it was his time. But I’m telling you the Lord wasn’t gonna take him one day, the Lord wouldn’t take him one day before his time. So we have to know that the Lord is moving with us. 

Now at Glory of Zion, when we started this divine adventure, and a paradigm, we were in this little place in Denton, Texas, nothing to recommend us, I can assure you. Chuck had plenty to recommend him and so did Robert. But the rest of us caught a vision of what could be possible. Now understand at that time, we’d all come out of denominational paradigms. And the music was alive, and we were looking at, well, I mean, the thing I kept thinking is, I want the church that Jesus died for. I don’t want this facsimile that I was given that had no power in it, that had no force to keep you standing up moving and moving forward. And I didn’t want to be overwhelmed by problems the rest of my life. And I was a single parent, I had these two kids, I was trying to support them on what women were making then, which was nothing to write home about. And so we began to entertain the possibility of what would this look like if we weren’t religious? What would this look like? If Jesus was putting this in an order now? So we didn’t know everything overnight, for sure. We still don’t know everything. But what we did was we began to experiment with certain things, we started experimenting with it. And Chuck used the vessels he was sent, which I’m grateful for. Because I didn’t look like the answer to anybody’s prayer when I got there, I’ll tell ya. But Chuck began to use the people that were sent in. And he assumed there was a gift in us. Well, it was a secret to me that I had a gift and it was a secret if anyone else did either. Because in those days, don’t you know that the whole church was filled with backbiting, and jealousy, and the accuser of the brethren. So we were terrified someone else was gonna get off, or get a toehold faster. And so we weren’t having a fellowship full of love in the ones we come out of. And suddenly, we were in a place where people were able to relate to each other. And they believed we had a gift. And the Lord began to do something to bring those gifts forward. And I was excited some of the time, but Chuck, he said, he called me, or he had Linda call. And say Anne, will you lead prayer on Sunday? And I said, sure. Intercession. Linda said, No, you don’t understand. We want you to lead prayer from now on. I said ‘Until when?’ and they said ‘from now on.’ And so this was Sunday morning for an hour. And so I used the technique that I used when I was working in the world in advertising. I would piss off the people that were irritating me or that weren’t going to follow. So the ones that would follow would remain. And that was how I kind of thinned out the group until I found a better way. But Chuck, on Tuesday morning, we would pray and Chuck would lead, and I loved it because we were all learning and growing. And we were seeing things that we’d never seen, or I was, I was seeing things and ways to do this that I’d never seen before. And so Chuck showed me several techniques, but he just stopped coming. And so everybody would be looking at me, and I thought, Well, I’m not the boss of this. What am I doing? Why are you looking at me? But I had to lead. And he said ‘your new title is…’ And I thought you don’t know how much I don’t care about what my title is.’ He said, ‘you’re International Director of Intercession.’ I thought, Oh my God, that’s heavy. I’m not sure I can make it through one week to the next, much less international anything. But anyway, he suffered with me, he believed in me, and he kept me moving. And that’s what good leaders will do for all of us: to keep us moving. So as we begin to work with this paradigm, we began to move in a way that was redemptive, and we became a model. Chuck never wanted a big church, never wanted a big facility, there was a whole list of what he never wanted that we all got. Because the Lord wanted it. S when we took our the Boeing airplane plant, he started that just like anything else, he didn’t start doing anything till he heard the Lord say, ‘Now, I want you to do this. And this is what this is supposed to be.’ So we were all crammed in the prayer tower for the first almost year. And I spent the day sending out text to all my friends, ‘please pray for me. Chuck has got me over next his desk.’ 

But we we learned to work together and we learned to manifest what the Lord wanted. And no one can direct you because no two Apostolic Centers are going to be the same. But if you will follow the leader that the Lord has provided, be honest about how you’re feeling or what you’re needing that you’re not getting. We had one woman came up and said, ‘y’all have no pastor here.’ And Chuck said, No, we don’t. Because that old pastor was no longer part of our paradigm. The old pastor where you sit down and don’t do anything, and they pray for you, and they do everything for you, except expect you to rise up in who you’re called to be. And so we don’t have that old pastor anymore. It’s not part of our paradigm. We have pastors, but I’m one of ’em, that’s the bad news. And they will tell you the truth and they will help you excel past the point, or past the religious spirit that you were part of in your former paradigm. And so we had to look at every person that came in as someone that was sent here. Now they may not know how to fit in right now. But we’re going to help them by seeing what their gift is right next to what wouldn’t work, and knowing that they were tailored in the old paradigm. And we had all kinds of teachers because you know, in the last move, we had lots of teachers because women could not preach. So they just call them teachers, and they’re going to come forth and share, whatever that means. But so we began to change our verbiage. And we began to become who we were called to be. And Chuck keeps it in balance, so one gift doesn’t overcome or outweigh another one. And that takes great grace, and great wisdom to know how that is. And sometimes I’ll just send him a little snippet of something that I’m seeing, and you know, he texts me back and said, I want you to tape that for Shabbat, I thought that was two sentences, how am I going to do that? But the Lord, He knows when there’s something in you and he pulls. It’s the mark of a remarkable leader. I don’t know that we’ve ever seen that kind of Renaissance leader before. But I know that there are many more coming. It’s not the last one. He made that one and he can make lots more. 

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