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We are a training center: We are raising up a prophetic company of people who are not afraid to hear the Word of God and speak it over their lives, families, region, school, government etc. God wants to do marvelous things but He needs His people to come in agreement with Him.


Apostle Ted and Prophetess Shami are the founders of Christian Life Center. Learn more about their journey in launching this Apostolic Center in Long Island, NY.

The journey began many, many years ago. After graduating Valor College (previously, World Harvest Bible College) in Columbus, Ohio in 1998, and serving in several ministries, in 2015, God woke Ted up and revealed the vision that is presently unfolding. Little did we realize that a one-time prayer meeting in a house with 8 people would turn into an apostolic center. The power and presence of God showed up in a mighty way and God spoke to His people. That night, at 2 am God downloaded His plans.

We continued to meet and after several months, we outgrew the space and started to meet in our present location. Ted and Shami knew that they did not want church as usual, but it was God who was moving through them to birth an Apostolic/ Prophetic center right in the heart of the religiously diverse community of Queens Village, New York.

God connected Ted and Shami with Apostles Gerhard and Eulalee of Germany and the next level of the ministry was birthed. In October of 2016, God confirmed a word He gave to Shami that they were to align with Chuck Pierce and Global Sphere Inc.  Ted and Shami were commissioned by Apostle Chuck Pierce by the laying on of hands and were set into the offices of Apostle and Prophet to activate the Apostolic center in this region.

Ted and Shami are the Apostolic founders of Christian Life Center. Ted is ordained as the Apostle and Shami is the Prophet. These visionaries are uprooting the fallow ground and taking territories for His Kingdom. They are building people, envisioning them with their kingdom purpose and training them to take up their mantles and walk in the fullness of their purpose.

Apostle Ted is an anointed second generation minister whose father preached the gospel in Trinidad and St. Croix for over 40 years, simultaneously providing governmental oversight to pastors in the Leeward island. Today, Ted and Shami are stewarding the word and seeing revival come as people are coming into an encounter with God. They are dedicated to seeing the people and the region come into biblical influence and prosperity. They are working to create a culture of opportunity, motivation, and joy in embracing the purpose of God for their lives. People are encouraged to believe what God says about them, find their place in belonging in the apostolic center and become who God says they will become.

It is time for the Ekklesia to arise and take its place in the seven mountains of society, education, family, arts & entertainment, business, government, media and religion. The Ekklesia, the called out ones are to embrace their true identity in God and take authority in every domain.


Why Change Now?

The Church has been operating in a model established by the Catholic church in 3rd Century AD. At the time, the Catholic church wanted to control the outbreak of the Holy Spirit. God’s intended model for His Church can be found in the 1st Century Church, which is in Acts. The Church’s 1st Century operation is key in order for the Kingdom of Heaven to come on Earth as Jesus taught the disciples in Matthew 6:11. The Kingdom of Heaven is not a place, but rather an authority that was given to us to occupy and rule until Jesus returns. Throughout the centuries, the Holy Spirit has been releasing onto the Earth for those who have ears to hear. However, the next levels in God, sometimes even revival in a people or region, has been hindered by the strategies of the enemy that cause people to shrink back, disobey and mistrust God’s leading, or altogether cut off the new levels at which God wants us to flow in. The Church needs to become knowledgeable about their enemy, his strategies, and how to engage their enemy. This is the Apostolic Church’s assignment – to reclaim and occupy strategically. It is not in size, but in knowing its identity and operating in its power.


“Fellowship” vs “Called Out Ones”

The Greek word, Koinonia, means “fellowship”; being used in Scripture when speaking about the Church in a brotherly, feel-good fashion. However, in Matt.16:17-19, when Jesus says, “..upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hell will not overpower it”. The Greek word here is Ekklesia, which means “called out ones”. This shifts the understanding of church gatherings; speaking of movement that is shifting into rightful function. For too long, The Church as we know it, has been led by only a Pastor and followers. The Church does not understand its God given identity and mandate. The Apostolic is a five-fold governmental leadership where the Apostle, Prophet, Teacher, Pastor and Evangelist are working together to bring people in their assignment and purpose. We are training people to understand their place in the Kingdom of God and how to fulfill their assignment, whether short-term or long-term, in the sphere(s) in which they are assigned. God gave each person gifts and purpose in line with those gifts. He calls each person to come into their assignment through their giftings. This is causing people to get involved whether they are called to be a organizer, a business man or woman, a teacher or to whatever capacity He has caused them to become, including you.


Apostle: Lays the foundation. Responsible for receiving the instructions and providing leadership structure.

Prophet: Hears the direction of God and the assignment for the ministry and shares it to the Apostle and Teacher.

Teacher: Receives the instructions from the Apostle and teaches it to the people.

Pastor: Shepherds the people. Coordinates the outreach and care for the people.

Evangelist: Does the outreach to the public in whatever form that takes place.


The church is called to be God’s ladder connecting the kingdom of heaven on earth. Christian Life Center’s assignment is to establish an access point for the kingdom of God in Queens, where God will be able to occupy the 7 mountains in this region. We are called to raise up this generation to walk in the fullness of their identity as they sit in kingdom governmental positions as leaders.

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